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The 13 most common resume mistakes

The 13 most common resume mistakes
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Always double check your résumé.

Having an error-free résumé is pretty crucial.

Typos, however minor, could signal to potential employers that you're sloppy or you don't care enough to proofread your work, and they can really hurt your chances during the six seconds hiring managers typically take to make their initial "fit/no fit" decision.

So which résumé errors are the most common?

Career site Zippia used Python language tools to analyze 100,000 résumés for errors.

The résumés were randomly selected from a total of 7.5 million résumés, sourced from January 2015 to June 2017 and collected from Zippia's website, federal and local databases, and other sites.

After that, the team at Zippia looked through the résumés and ruled out formatting issues, email addresses, and names, along with any other items that didn't qualify as true errors.

They then tallied how many times they found each individual error in their sample of 100,000 résumés.

Here are the most common résumé mistakes ranked in order of the number of instances from least to most common: