The Artificial Intelligence course you need to be future-ready, and why you should be taking it

The Artificial Intelligence course you need to be future-ready, and why you should be taking itUdacity, known for its innovative courses in line with industry demands, has now kickstarted an Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Course in partnership with IBM Watson, Didi Chuxing and Amazon.

It will allow virtually anyone with an Internet connection (and the relevant background and skills) to take up the course to become an AI engineer.

Vardhan Koshal, India Head, Udacity, said, “The advent of big data and artificial intelligence is creating billions in value for business and countless jobs. Companies are increasingly taking on the data-driven approach and there is a vast demand for professionals who can use artificial intelligence and convert it into meaningful business outcomes. With innovative curriculum covering topics such as game playing/search, logic and planning, probabilistic inference, computer vision, etc we are working towards exposing students to the latest tools and techniques in the industry to operationalize artificial intelligence."

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He added - "Global developments in the field of artificial intelligence are going to define the future and graduates of this program will be uniquely poised to contribute to these developments in innovative and awe-inspiring ways."

Program schedule
The program is structured in two terms, and students must take both terms to complete the Nanodegree program.

How it will be helpful
Considering the scope of artificial intelligence is huge in India as many companies around the world outsource their analytical requirements to India, the course can help students deliver business decisions that will make them an asset for any company looking to utilize these skills for business.

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