The Internet Has Already Donated $68,000 To Make These Robotic Lego-Like Toys A Reality

After just five days, an Indiegogo project called TinkerBots has raised $68,000 towards the release of its product - an uber-kid-friendly robotic building block set.

TinkerBots are akin to a simplified version of Lego Mindstorms. Snap them together just like Lego bricks (there's even a Lego adapter to enable you to add standard Legos to your creations), and you soon have a robot wiggling around the floor. There's no programming to be done, just the assembling of various blocks that contain sensors and actuators to control the whole thing. If this is up your alley (or your kid's alley), the graphic below breaks down what you get at the various price points, and you can check out the TinkerBots pitch video below that. While the campaign hasn't yet met its $100,000 goal, there are still 42 days to go.