A TikTok and OnlyFans star was arrested after a neighbor said he found her 4-year-old child alone outside

A TikTok and OnlyFans star was arrested after a neighbor said he found her 4-year-old child alone outside
  • Marrissa Cloutier, known as @digitalprincxss online, was charged with neglect of a child.
  • A neighbor called the Lee County police after he said he saw her young son outside.
  • The influencer, who also uses OnlyFans, has 2.2 million followers on TikTok.

Marrissa Cloutier, known as @digitalprincxss on TikTok, was arrested on August 25 in Fort Myers, Florida, on the charge of neglect of a child, the Lee County Sheriff's Office said.

A neighbor contacted the police after he said he found Cloutier's 4-year-old son wandering around outside, said court documents obtained by Insider. Cloutier was released from police custody ahead of her trial, police said.

The 24-year-old TikTok star mainly dances, models, and vlogs in videos for her over 2.2 million followers. She also posts daily on an OnlyFans account and posts pornographic content with millions of views on Pornhub.

"Legally, I'm only allowed to say so much regarding it, and I know there's a lot of things being posted online that are out of context and very much untrue, so please do not believe everything you read on the internet," Cloutier said in a since deleted TikTok on Friday. The video has been reposted and shared online.

Cloutier pleaded not guilty to the charge and is expected to appear in court on September 27, court records said.


Cloutier told police who reported to her home that she left the house to buy detergent to clean her child's bedsheets and had "not been gone long," police said in a probable-cause statement reviewed by Insider. She was holding a half-empty bottle of Tide detergent and did not have a receipt for the purchase, the statement said.

Upon further questioning by two police officers and hearing her Miranda rights, Cloutier changed aspects of her story, police said in the probable-cause statement.

Cloutier said she put her child to bed at 9 p.m. and then went to "go meet with a friend" who lives 11 miles away. She told the officers that "she made a mistake" and that her "anxiety made her lie," the report said.

The report also said that Cloutier's mother arrived to take custody of the child. She told officers that the influencer had moved to Florida from Colorado less than a month ago. It was not immediately clear whether Cloutier had regained custody of her child ahead of her trial.

"The area where Cloutier and (her child) reside is surrounded by bodies of water, wildlife, and vehicle traffic as well as other potentially dangerous hazards for an unsupervised child," the report said.


On Friday, news of Cloutier's arrest started to spread throughout social media. TikTok videos and Twitter threads featuring her mug shot amassed hundreds of likes and comments.

An OnlyFans model, hawkhatesyou (who asked not to share her name publicly for privacy concerns), has since announced that she would no longer collaborate with Cloutier on a planned project in September.

Cloutier has made her TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram accounts private. She and her attorney did not return requests for comment.

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