scorecardA YouTuber crashed a Harvard University lecture as part of a 'typewriter prank' trend
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A YouTuber crashed a Harvard University lecture as part of a 'typewriter prank' trend

Charissa Cheong   

A YouTuber crashed a Harvard University lecture as part of a 'typewriter prank' trend
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JiDion has 4 million YouTube subscribers.    JiDion via YouTube
  • Jidon Adams uploaded a prank video posing as a student at Harvard and sneaking into a lecture.
  • Adams brought a loud typewriter into the class and began shouting and taking notes with it.

Jidon Adams, who goes by JiDion on YouTube, said he was kicked out of Harvard University for filming a prank where he posed as a student and noisily took lecture notes using a typewriter in his latest video.

The video was posted on March 7 and has over 2 million views on Adam's YouTube channel, where he frequently uploads prank videos for his 4 million subscribers.

Adams said in the video that he was going to conduct a "typewriter prank," a popular video format where the prankster types loudly on a typewriter in a quiet space like a library.

Student newspaper The Harvard Crimson reported on March 2 that Adams disrupted a "Life Sciences" lecture at the Sanders Theatre at the university on March 1, with two professors present in the lecture hall at the time. The professors did not immediately reply to Insider's request for comment.

In the video, Adams can be seen wearing a Harvard sweatshirt and entering what appears to be a lecture hall with a typewriter, which he said he bought for $150. Before he could sit down, he was approached by a man who appeared to be a professor, telling him to leave. "I don't want you in this classroom. You're not in this class," he said.

The Harvard Crimson reported that a professor named Andrew J. Berry had asked Adams to leave the class.

After arguing with Adams and threatening to call the university police, the professor took the typewriter from Adams and left the theatre.

After leaving the lecture hall to retrieve his typewriter, Adams then entered the room a second time. He continued to type loudly and shouted, "Professor can you repeat that last part real quick?" A woman speaking from the front of the room, whom The Harvard Crimson identified as a professor named Hopi E. Hoekstra, could be seen telling Adams, "You're being incredibly disrespectful and incredibly disruptive of this class."

Adams' bag and typewriter were confiscated again by the professor, and when Adams left the room, he was told by a second man that university police had been called to the scene.

A screenshot from Adams
The professor confiscating Adams' typewriter for a second time.      JiDion via YouTube

Adams could then be seen walking outside the building when he encountered a man who appeared to be a campus police officer. The man asked Adams if he was a student at Harvard. When Adams said he wasn't, the man said, "You shouldn't enter any Harvard buildings if you're not affiliated."

The Harvard Crimson reported that Berry asked staff to call the Harvard University Police Department, who arrived after the YouTuber had left the lecture hall.

At the end of the video, Adams said, "I feel like that went as horrible as it could have and also as best as it could have," adding, "I literally didn't do nothing. I mean, I guess I was being annoying, but I'm always annoying."

Adams has been posting on YouTube since 2019. His videos are frequently vlog-style pranks and challenges such as bowling with a watermelon and taking Nerf guns to a shooting range.

In January he faced controversy when he said he was permanently banned from the streaming platform Twitch after becoming involved in a feud with popular streamer Imane Anys, known as Pokimane, when a number of his fans left negative comments on her stream. Adams responded to accusations of misogyny as a result, tweeting, "My dislike for her has nothing to do with her gender."

The pair have since reconciled and on February 16 he posted a YouTube video in which he and Anys discussed the situation and he apologized.

Neither Harvard University nor Adams immediately responded to Insider's request for comment.

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