Trisha Paytas says she's 'really done' with her podcast 'Frenemies' and is blocking Ethan Klein's number

Trisha Paytas says she's 'really done' with her podcast 'Frenemies' and is blocking Ethan Klein's number
Trisha Paytas spoke about quitting "Frenemies" in a YouTube video posted on December 11.blndsundoll4mj/YouTube
  • The latest episode of "Frenemies," Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein's podcast, ended with Paytas, a controversial YouTuber, leaving the recording session while yelling profanities and saying that she "hates" Klein's wife, Hila.
  • Klein, who is a YouTube shock jock that runs H3H3 productions, told Paytas during the episode that Hila, who runs a clothing brand and often appears in H3H3 content, had asked to not be talked about on the podcast.
  • Paytas opened up about the incident in 2 YouTube videos posted Friday.
  • Ethan and Hila Klein also addressed the incident during a live stream on Friday afternoon, with Ethan saying that "Frememies" is a show where the two "provoke each other."

In a 45-minute YouTube video posted on Friday, controversial social media personality Trisha Paytas explained why she stormed off the set of "Frenemies," the podcast that she hosts with Ethan Klein, a YouTube shock jock that runs H3H3 productions. Their relationship has been contentious in the past.

In the most recent episode of the podcast titled "Trisha Quits the Podcast & Storms Out," Trisha and Ethan had an argument after Ethan said that his wife, Hila Klein, who runs a clothing brand, didn't want to be talked about on the podcast given that Paytas' comments were causing tension between Hila and her brother Moses Hacmon.

While Klein tried to explain that the situation was more about family tensions than it was about Paytas, the argument devolved and eventually led to Paytas walking out on the show while yelling profanities and saying that she "hated" Hila.

In a new video posted on Friday, she addresses why she quit the podcast and gave some context to her actions in the episode.

"My behavior at the end was horrible," she says in the video, also saying that it's something that she "struggles with." In previous episodes she's openly discussed her struggles with mental illness, describing blacking out in emotional rages.


Paytas says that throughout the episode, she was trying to control herself, saying that she doesn't like "pushing herself for drama for the sake for the show" but enjoys her sometimes adversarial dynamic with Klein on the podcast. However, she also claimed that he "pushes [her] to get a reaction," saying that she repeatedly asked to move on as to not give Klein "the reaction he wants."

Paytas goes on to say that the "main issue" she had with the discussion in the episode was when Klein said that Hila "finds it annoying that you keep saying that she's rude and unwelcoming," claiming that she's never said anything to that effect, saying that she wished Hila would talk to her directly. She also raises an issue with Klein's question as to whether or not she ways a parent, saying that it was a sensitive subject for her given that she says she's "gone through a lot to try and have kids."

Still, Paytas said that she was angry at herself and felt "instant regret" at her comments, saying she worried about ruining her boyfriend's relationship with his family.

"I have apologized to both [Hila and Ethan] directly, but also I just thought I should make this to just kind of end on my end... I am truly sorry that it escalated to that, I am truly sorry," she said. "I went for the low blows, and it feels awful, but it happened and there's no excuse."

Ethan and Hila Klein spoke about the incident during an "H3 After Dark" YouTube live stream on Friday afternoon, with Hila confirming that Trisha had apologized to her directly prior to posting her own YouTube video about the situation.


Klein took issue with a comment that Paytas had pinned on her YouTube video about the situation that claims that he and Hila deliberately try to get a rise out of Trisha.

"This insinuation that we're toxic to her or that we don't communicate with her or we poke her... it's just not true, I don't know what your evidence [is] of that," Ethan Klein said during the live stream, pointing out that "Frenemies" is a show where the two "provoke each other."

"In my heart, I still wanna try to make it work with her," Klein said. "[But] you can't talk about [Hacmon's] family like that every episode."

"If it's just a joke, then let's not joke about it. I just don't get those comments," Hila said.

In a second video posted Friday evening, Trisha angrily responded to the livestream, complaining that she felt Klein and his wife apply a double standard to her. "I really am done," she said, claiming she would block their numbers and not appear on an episode she says that was planned for next week in which Dr. Drew would appear.