What to know about Jack Wright, the TikTok star at the center of Sienna Mae Gomez sexual assault allegations

What to know about Jack Wright, the TikTok star at the center of Sienna Mae Gomez sexual assault allegations
Jack Wright is a TikTok star with approximately 8.5 million followers.@jack.wright/TikTok
  • Jack Wright is a TikTok start with 8.5 million followers who began posting in 2019.
  • He is one of the earliest, youngest members of the Hype House and will appear in its Netflix series.
  • His friend accused fellow TikToker Sienna Mae Gomez of sexually assaulting Wright, which she denied.

Jack Wright, the 18-year-old TikTok star with over eight million followers, has recently been involved in controversy after one of his friends raised allegations that Wright's ex-girlfriend, Sienna Mae Gomez, had sexually assaulted him.

Wright has addressed those allegations in posts on his TikTok account and on Instagram, writing in a statement that there are some parts of his life that are "deeply personal" and that he has been "hesitant to share for [his] own emotional and mental wellbeing." While he doesn't directly address the material of the claims, he said that "sexual assault is a serious matter that has real consequences" and that he hopes that Gomez gets "the support and help that she needs."

Gomez has denied the allegations multiple times on social media and in a comment sent to Insider.

Wright has been one of TikTok's biggest stars for months and is set to appear in Netflix's upcoming unscripted Hype House series.

Wright's first TikTok video dates back to May 2019

The oldest video publicly available on Wright's TikTok is from May 2019. His following has grown over the past two years to over eight million, earning him verification on TikTok in the process.


He mostly rose to TikTok stardom by posting dance trends.


how’s my first position

♬ Phone ya - Claudia

In addition to dancing, Wright's current TikTok content varies, as he also participates lip-sync trends while also posting about aspects of his life like prom, graduation, or pole vaulting.


getting back into it

♬ original sound - jack wright

As Insider previously reported, Wright came under fire in February 2020 after he and fellow TikTok star Addison Rae were accused of stealing choreography from another TikTok creator, Hunter Lasater. The pair later credited Lasater for inspiring some of the dance.

Jack has a twin brother named James, and the pair frequently post videos together

Jack and his twin brother James share a birthday on March 29, according to Jack's own social media posts. They've been posting together on TikTok since the early days of their TikTok accounts, detailing aspects of their high school life on TikTok and dancing together.

James currently has 3.8 million followers on TikTok.


always by my side. happy birthday to the best twin i could ask for @jameswrightt

♬ My Best Friend - paravi ✨

The brothers have continued to post together on TikTok as their followings have grown.

While James and Jack have both been members of the Hype House, James was not included in Netflix's announcement of the group's reality show.

He's one of the first and youngest members of the Hype House

Insider previously reported in February 2020, just a few months after the Hype House officially launched, that Wright - then 16 years old - was one of the youngest members of the influencer collective known as the Hype House, alongside James. At the time, Jack had just under one million followers.

In early 2020, he frequently posted videos with creators associated with the Hype House like Chase Hudson, Charli D'Amelio, and Avani Gregg.


reppin’ chase’s merch @lilhuddy @charlidamelio

♬ Goodmorning Tokyo X Ahi - flowsounds

He is slated to be part of Netflix's Hype House show

Jack was also announced as one of the cast members of Netflix's unscripted Hype House reality television series, joining other early members like Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson alongside newcomers like Nikita Dragun and Gomez, his now ex-girlfriend who has repeatedly denied allegations that she assaulted Jack.


Netflix declined to comment on whether the allegations would impact the series.

Sienna Mae Gomez was accused of sexually assaulting Jack

Insider's Moises Mendez II and Kat Tenbarge reported that Jack and Gomez had been seen kissing, hugging, cuddling, and dancing with each other on their respective social media accounts since October 2020, but never explicitly confirmed a relationship.

On May 30, Jack's friend Mason Rizzo posted a screenshot of a Notes app statement that contained allegations of abuse against Gomez. James quote-retweeted the post, writing, "this is why 'I couldn't just let it go and stay out of it.'"

Both James and Rizzo have since deleted their posts, with Rizzo saying in a follow-up tweet that the Gomez and Wright families would handle the situation offline.

Gomez has denied the allegations

Gomez has since fully denied the allegations multiple times on YouTube and Instagram. In a statement provided to Insider, a representative for Gomez said that while they hoped Jack would "get the peace of mind to move forward," Gomez was "in no way responsible for these issues."


Wright later put out his own statement on the situation, saying that he hadn't shared some parts of his life in the interest of his own wellbeing.

"Sexual assault is a serious matter that has real consequences," he wrote in the statement. "Mason and James' only intention was to protect me with the truth, and I really value their enormous support through this extremely difficult time. I truly encourage my childhood friend Sienna to get the support and help that she needs."

A post shared by jack wright (@jack.wright21)

After a self-identified witness posted a TikTok video that he said depicted Gomez sexually assaulting Jack, Gomez responded in a second video, saying that the footage was taken out of context.

Gomez said in that video that her legal representation had sent cease-and-desist letters to the involved parties. A representative for Gomez declined Insider's request to review the letters.

Jack has not since publicly commented on the resurfaced video and did not respond to Insider's request for comment on Friday.


Moises Mendez II contributed reporting.

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