Top 100 richest people in the world: Some interesting facts

Top 100 richest people in the world: Some interesting facts
Top 100 richest people in the world: Some interesting factsBCCL/ BI India
  • Nearly 40% — or four in ten — individuals in the top 100 richest list are from the USA.
  • India is now home to seven of the 100 richest people in the world.
  • The youngest billionaire in the top 100 list made his wealth through cryptocurrency.
The richest 100 people in the world collectively hold wealth worth $4,242.8 billion, Forbes real-time billionaires list has revealed. Upon a quick analysis of the list, here are some quite interesting facts that Business Insider has gathered.

The data reflected below was collected on April 28, 2023.

1Bernard Arnault & family$235.8 BFrance
2Elon Musk$171.8 BUnited States
3Jeff Bezos$132.8 BUnited States
4Larry Ellison$118.4 BUnited States
5Warren Buffett$114.6 BUnited States
6Bill Gates$111.8 BUnited States
7Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & family$95.3 BFrance
8Carlos Slim Helu & family$95.0 BMexico
9Steve Ballmer$95.0 BUnited States
10Michael Bloomberg$94.5 BUnited States
11Larry Page$92.5 BUnited States
12Sergey Brin$88.6 BUnited States
13Mukesh Ambani$87.1 BIndia
14Mark Zuckerberg$84.9 BUnited States
15Amancio Ortega$83.0 BSpain
16Jim Walton$63.5 BUnited States
17Zhong Shanshan$63.4 BChina
18Rob Walton$62.2 BUnited States
19Alice Walton$61.3 BUnited States
20Julia Koch & family$59.0 BUnited States
20Charles Koch$59.0 BUnited States
22David Thomson & family$58.2 BCanada
23Michael Dell$53.6 BUnited States
24Gautam Adani$48.3 BIndia
25Phil Knight & family$47.7 BUnited States
26Zhang Yiming$45.0 BChina
27Dieter Schwarz$44.4 BGermany
28François Pinault & family$41.5 BFrance
29Giovanni Ferrero$40.2 BItaly
30Klaus-Michael Kuehne$39.6 BGermany
31Jacqueline Mars$38.3 BUnited States
31John Mars$38.3 BUnited States
33Li Ka-shing$37.7 BHong Kong
34Miriam Adelson & family$37.7 BUnited States
35Tadashi Yanai & family$36.4 BJapan
36Ma Huateng$36.3 BChina
37Mark Mateschitz$35.9 BAustria
38Ken Griffin$35.0 BUnited States
39Robin Zeng$34.4 BHong Kong
40Len Blavatnik$32.5 BUnited States
41Gerard Wertheimer$31.6 BFrance
41Alain Wertheimer$31.6 BFrance
43Rafaela Aponte-Diamant$31.3 BSwitzerland
43Gianluigi Aponte$31.3 BSwitzerland
45Reinhold Wuerth & family$30.7 BGermany
46Low Tuck Kwong$30.5 BIndonesia
47Lee Shau Kee$29.7 BHong Kong
48MacKenzie Scott$29.5 BUnited States
49Germán Larrea Mota Velasco & family$29.1 BMexico
50Jeff Yass$28.5 BUnited States
51William Lei Ding$28.3 BChina
52Stephen Schwarzman$28.1 BUnited States
53Jim Simons$28.1 BUnited States
54Gina Rinehart$26.9 BAustralia
55R. Budi Hartono$26.7 BIndonesia
56Stefan Quandt$25.6 BGermany
57Michael Hartono$25.5 BIndonesia
58He Xiangjian & family$25.4 BChina
59Andrey Melnichenko & family$25.2 BRussia
60Thomas Peterffy$24.7 BUnited States
61Jensen Huang$24.7 BUnited States
62Shiv Nadar$24.6 BIndia
63Susanne Klatten$24.5 BGermany
64Vladimir Potanin$23.7 BRussia
65Jack Ma$23.7 BChina
66James Ratcliffe$23.7 BUnited Kingdom
67Colin Zheng Huang$23.3 BChina
68Wang Wei$22.9 BChina
69Cyrus Poonawalla$22.9 BIndia
70Iris Fontbona & family$22.8 BChile
71Emmanuel Besnier$22.7 BFrance
72Thomas Frist Jr & family$22.7 BUnited States
73Lukas Walton$22.6 BUnited States
74Vladimir Lisin$22.1 BRussia
75Leonard Lauder$21.7 BUnited States
76Masayoshi Son$21.7 BJapan
77Abigail Johnson$21.6 BUnited States
78Leonid Mikhelson & family$21.6 BRussia
79Takemitsu Takizaki$21.5 BJapan
80Alexey Mordashov & family$20.5 BRussia
81Vagit Alekperov$20.5 BRussia
82Wang Chuanfu$19.8 BChina
83Qin Yinglin$19.4 BChina
84Andrew Forrest$19.1 BAustralia
85Ray Dalio$19.1 BUnited States
86Wang Wenyin$19.0 BChina
87Daniel Gilbert$19.0 BUnited States
88Eyal Ofer$18.8 BIsrael
89Harold Hamm & family$18.5 BUnited States
90Gennady Timchenko$18.5 BRussia
91David Tepper$18.5 BUnited States
92Eric Schmidt$18.4 BUnited States
93Savitri Jindal & family$17.9 BIndia
94Carl Icahn$17.7 BUnited States
95Steve Cohen$17.5 BUnited States
96Stefan Persson$17.5 BSweden
97Rupert Murdoch & family$17.5 BUnited States
98Donald Bren$17.4 BUnited States
99John Menard Jr$17.4 BUnited States
100Vicky Safra & family$17.0 BBrazil

Source: Forbes Real-time Billionaire listNote: As of April 28, 2023

US continues to be the biggest billionaire maker

Nearly 42% — or four in ten — individuals in the top 100 richest list are from the United States of America (USA). China created 11% of billionaires.