This food start up is letting amateur chefs like you and me to cook and become a food entrepreneur

This food start up is letting amateur chefs like you and me
to cook and become a food entrepreneur
At a time, when we see food delivery start ups being born every other day and most of them providing the same service, the only difference being the amount of free order limit for new users, there is a start up that promises something very different. Foodcloud, launched two and a half years back by Vedant Kanoi and Shamit Khemka offers home-cooked food. Well, it’s as exciting as it sounds. Also read: Meet the Mumbai couple who started a company to sell their mother's homemade pickles

This is an online portal that connects foodies with home chefs and caterers in Delhi-NCR. It is the best place for you to find and order delicious home-cooked food made with love! With more than 200 chefs on board, you can choose from a variety of 6000 cuisines and menus and have many mouth-watering treats get delivered to your doorstep!

Having being inducted in the government’s ‘Start up India programme’, Foodcloud has received the first phase of funding worth Rs 3.5 crore.
The whole idea is to disrupt the food delivery start up ecosystem with a pinch of strong flavour. If you are an amateur chef and love to cook or a homemaker with a knack of churning out deliciousness out of mundane dal and cabbage, it’s time to stop limiting yourself to Facebook and Instagram. You just won’t be making people happy with Goan Fish curry and Karela Bharta, but you would be counted as an entrepreneur making money from cooking.

So how does one enrol him/herself as a chef on the Foodcloud platform?


“All he needs to do is join as a chef on our website ( and register himself. Post that we arrange a tasting session for him where his food is judged on parameters like quality, hygiene, presentation etc. After the approval, we sign a contract with the chef and help him upload his menu on the website. Once the formalities are over, we immediately make him live on our portal,” the founder Vedant Kanoi told Business Insider.

And guess what? You don’t even need any sort of qualifications in hospitality. “We came to the market with an all new idea of engaging the home chefs in the business and give them the chance to portray their talent and make money following their passion,” added Kanoi.
So, anyone who can cook tasty, hygienic, healthy, homelike, authentic or gourmet meals is welcomed to join Foodcloud. However the chefs are encouraged to register with FSSAI for better.

This food start up is letting amateur chefs like you and me
to cook and become a food entrepreneur

The chef enrollment process goes like:
- Join as a chef on
- Verify your email ID
- Tasting session is scheduled
- Contract signing
- Menu upload
- Live on the website
- Receive orders

The chef decides the pricing himself but it is always suggested to set a competitive pricing to receive maximum orders. So your part time job for the weekend is sorted and it’s just like any other work from home job, just that you are chasing your dream.

Meanwhile you can take inspirations from the leading chefs in Delhi-NCR who are sitting at home, making people happy with food and earning money. They include, Gauri Kaushish for Cakes and Cookies, Rashi Dewan for Pasta and Ravioli, Sangeeta Mathur for Rajasthani Thali and Dal Baati, Somita Sharma for Kebabs and Tikkas, Nupur Srivastava for Mattar Kulcha and Baked Achari Mathi and Maya for Apple Strudel and Chicken Wienerschnitzel .