This Green coffee is replacing green tea for health enthusiasts

This Green coffee is replacing green tea for health enthusiasts
Coffee enthusiasts are known to like their coffee in espresso form, straight from the coffee machine. In India, people like their coffee with milk and sugar usually in the form of a cappuccino or a latte but there’s a new trend picking up amongst people who can’t stand green tea and black coffee.

Green coffee is ‘raw’ coffee which hasn’t been roasted. Coffee beans are green before they are dried and roasted into dark brown beans which we recognise. Coffee contains two very important pharmacologically active compounds- caffeine and chlorogenic acid. When coffee beans are roasted, the majority of chlorogenic acid content is removed and this is known to have a more potent affect on the body.

The best way to consume green coffee is to boil green coffee beans and drink the liquid. You can also grind the beans at home and then boil it for more flavour.


A brand called Green Brrew is flooding the Indian market which sells its green coffee in prepackaged form which can be mixed in water to make a hot or cold beverage.

Going green

Aditya Goel, COO, Green Brrew spoke to Business Insider to talk about the brand’s growth, “Green coffee is a great alternative for people who are watching their caffeine intake as it just contains 0.3% caffeine. Our products are available in every departmental store, all the leading shopping sites, Barista's coffee shops and we are selling lakh boxes of Green Coffee per month due to its health benefits.”

As chlorogenic acid is found to beneficial in overall weight loss, many fitness enthusiasts are swearing by this green coffee brand as it just contains 10 calories per serving.

Greenbrrew is made from 100% Arabica green coffee beans and is certified organic.

Available in three flavours, Natural Instant Coffee, Lemon Instant Coffee and Strong Green Coffee, Goel is seeing a great response from the market as it is the only Indian brand focusing on this segment.