This guy flew a real jetpack 100 feet in the air


A professional daredevil took to the skies in Beijing, China over the weekend using nothing but a hydrogen-peroxide powered jetpack.


The stuntman Nick Macomber soared as high as 10 stories in just a matter of seconds over a crowd of about 1,000 people, according to a report from China Daily. His ride only lasted for a total of about 27 seconds, though.

jetpack gif

YouTube/New China TVV

The professional daredevil Nick Macomber soars hundreds of feet in the air using a jetpack.

The stunt was organized to demonstrate what the future of transportation could be like, according to the report.

While Macomber's jetpack ride was impressive, it's unlikely the technology will take off anytime soon. The devices require a lot of fuel to go only a short distance, which makes them improbable for travel.


However, Jetpack International, which is the company that makes the jetpack that Macomber used, aims to increase flight duration to about 30 minutes for its next generation jetpack. 

Check out the video of Macomber's stunt below.

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