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This Indian startup is now launching in the US. Here's why

This Indian startup is now launching in the US. Here's why
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We live in this hyperconnected world where we’re used to having everything on demand. To make things readily available to us, there’s a whole lot of technology which enables us to shop, call a cab and get anything delivered with the drop of a hat.
One such Indian startup is making sure that every business gets the opportunity to get the fastest way to build live location features. The startup called HyperTrack helps developers build better location-based services in their apps, just as Twilio does for communication and Stripe does for payments.

HyperTrack has been testing for a year with Asia’s leading companies and clocks over 1 million hours tracked per month. Forward thinking companies use HyperTrack to build and operate live location features in delivery (Zomato), service (HouseJoy), travel (MakeMyTrip), transport (Redbus), logistics (Delhivery), sales (Toppr) and more.
Some of the use cases developers are currently using HyperTrack for:

• Order Tracking: Build order tracking views in your product experience and business dashboards.
• Workforce Monitoring: Build workforce monitoring of your fleet to power operational efficiencies.
• Mileage Tracking: Build automatic mileage tracking for expense management of sales and service teams.
• Location-based Assignments: Build location-based assignments for your on-demand business.
• Live Location Sharing: Build secure and private live location sharing for your app users.
• Profiling Users and Places: Build anonymous location profiling of your user base and places they visit.

Business Insider caught up with Kashyap Deorah, CEO and Founder of HyperTrack who is preparing to launch the company in the U.S. with version 3 of their product that lets any app developer see where their users are on a map with a few minutes of effort,”We have been quietly building our product which meets international standards since the beginning. The strategy behind the US launch is to showcase this product to the world and attain international customers,” said Deorah, who is a serial entrepreneur.