Truecaller is looking to hire 50 techies at its Bengaluru office

Truecaller is looking to hire 50 techies at its Bengaluru office

  • Co-founder Alan Mamedi reveals his expansion plan in India, in an exclusive chat with Business Insider.
  • The Stockholm, Sweden-based startup is looking to increase its staff strength by 50% in India.
  • Jobs are likely to be in the team working on Truecaller Pay and the one working on machine learning models.
Sweden-based Truecaller is looking to expand its India operations, co-founder Alan Mamedi told Business Insider in an exclusive interview.

“We are around a 100 people here, we are going to grow it another 50% this year,” Mamedi said. One of the roles is that of product manager for its subscription product.

India is the biggest market for Truecaller. “70% of all our users are in India,” according to Mamedi. The app recently crossed the 100 million mark in India for daily active users.
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Truecaller, which started out as an application for caller identification in 2009, is today a player in payments too. New features added last year allow users to pay bills and send money directly to people on the contact list.

The company, headquartered in Stockholm, will also sell start selling loans to small businesses later this year. And it needs techies to build those products. “We want to make sure that we continue to add more services connected to transactions on the Truecaller pay product,” Mamedi said.

Truecaller is also looking to add its team that is working on machine learning models. For instance, how to identify a spammer at the first call itself.

“Obviously, we think that there is high growth potential. Hence, we have invested in building operations here,” he said. And the 34-year old Mamedi is investing in engineers for now, not cash backs.