Warning! Do not apply to B-schools that don't offer access to internships


  • B-schools should have access to internships and placement opportunities for students.
  • Of the total 360,000 students enrolling in postgraduate courses in India, only 60% land a management job.
  • Management has been the hottest sector to enroll in, for internships, at nearly 47%.
Indian employers want MBA graduates who are ready to lead, and provide fresh ideas. However, fresh graduates are walking into campus placements with nothing but bookish knowledge.

This is because many B-schools are unable to provide their students with a basic internship programme. And, that is affecting their employability too.

“Companies want to hire ready-to-lead managers whereas most of the B-Schools lack access to meaningful internships and placement opportunities,” ET reported citing Rekha Sethi, director general, AIMA.

Only 60% of students of a total of 360,000 who enroll in post-graduate courses land a management job. Tier 2 and Tier 3 management schools are struggling to place their students, according to the All India Management Association (AIMA).

Practical Exposure

B-school graduates in India lack practical exposure and relevant digital skills.


“Internships are finally becoming mainstream phenomenon and are no longer restricted to select few campuses and companies,” Sarvesh Agrawal, CEO of Internshala earlier told Business Insider India.

Management has been the hottest sector to enroll in, for internships, at nearly 47%. This is more relevant than ever as companies seek people with real-time experience, according to online training and internship platform Internshala.

Internships, as a whole, have been a way to capitalize on theoretical concepts with practical implementation. Overall, India had 80% more internship applications — with 2.2 million applications received in 2018, as compared to 1.27 million last year, according to the data by Internshala.


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