Flamingo launches a new TVC with Hrithik Roshan to celebrate the spirit of fight against pain
Flamingo eyes to penetrate into India's Tier 2 cities

Flamingo launches a new TVC with Hrithik Roshan to celebrate the spirit of fight against pain

Flamingo eyes to penetrate into India's Tier 2 cities
  • Flamingo Cool pack, in its newly launched TVC, showcases Hrithik Roshan using Cool Pack to treat his swelling and pain post an action scene.
  • The brand eyes to penetrate into India's Tier 2 cities.
Flamingo, the flagship consumer healthcare brand of Ascent Meditech Ltd., has launched a brand new TV commercial for one of their healthcare products - Cool Pack featuring their brand partner Hrithik Roshan.

The newly launched TVC has been conceptualized on the theme of their already released campaign that was introduced in late November last year. This campaign has also been built around the central concept of "never say die mentality," which was expressed in the earlier three TV commercials as "...par hum Kabhi haar Nahi maante."

Flamingo Cool Pack is a problem-solving product, thus it's critical to offer customer education about how to use it. As a result, the freshly created TVC starring Hrithik Roshan will be broadcasted on GEC, News, and Movie channels and amplified on social media and diverse digital platforms.

Rakesh Kumar, V.P Sales & Marketing, Ascent Meditech Limited, expressed his thoughts on the new campaign, saying, “Flamingo Cool Pack is a unique product that has replaced Ice Bags to become the undisputed leader in the necessities space and is a must-have for every family. Hrithik, whose character appeals to audiences of all ages and they are influenced by his 'Greek God' features and dramatic action sequences, reveals his go-to shield when faced with injuries and agony. This well-crafted commercial will undoubtedly persuade viewers to keep the Flamingo Cool Pack as a permanent product for relief from swelling and pain in their home refrigerator, thereby allowing them to apply it as and when it arises. I am convinced that with this new commercial clubbed with very reasonable pricing, the cool pack will be able to successfully penetrate into India's Tier 2 cities.”

Sharing thoughts on the newly launched TVC, Roop Naik, Director, Zip Zaap Zoom Productions, said “Flamingo's brand ambassador Hrithik Roshan the 'hottest' superstar and the 'coolest' cold therapy for reducing pain & swelling instantly/quickly through Flamingo's 'cool pack' was a deadly cocktail to handle creatively. So we put on our 'thinking cap' again and we came up with a creative way in which how Hrithik as an actor faces his own perils & challenges during the course of his day-to-day shootings. In the 'cool pack' commercial Hrithik has performed a perfectly synced action sequence where he is looking 'super hot' while knocking down some goons, while in the portion where he is using the 'cool pack' he looks 'cool' as the pain & swelling disappears and he gets back to action.”

Flamingo encourages people to treat themselves without pausing their life, even in Tier 2 cities, with its top-of-the-line quality items.