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India wants Google's help with its $1 trillion digital economy, the weather and its villages
Google will now focus on bringing in entry level job opportunities for India
Google Pay’s new tokenisation will mask your real debit and credit card numbers before making payments
Data starved Indians in remote areas can now call the Google Assistant hotline
Google Pay for Business and Google Spot launched to digitise small business owners
Google is adapting its technology for India and its many languages
TikTok now has three new stickers to remind users about climate change
LED TVs will get cheaper ahead of the festive season thanks to a duty cut
Cabinet bans e-cigarettes which are 'harmful' and a 'style statement'
The world’s largest PC maker expects at least 30% jump in India revenue despite selling fewer laptops
Instagram and Facebook take on TikTok and Smule in India as they introduce music for 'Stories'
Watch Brad Pitt ask ISS astronaut about India’s mission to the Moon
NASA's lunar probe is going to photograph the Indian moon lander today
Two potentially hazardous asteroids have been ruled out as a threat to Earth — but a bigger one is on the way
ISRO will solve Vikram's hard landing by simulating everything that could have wrong
Black holes could be making the universe expand using cores of pure dark energy
Two massive bubbles stretch 700 light years above and below the center of the Milky Way
YES Bank wants to customize branches, ramp up digitize customer acquisition to grow at a breakneck speed of 25%
Milky Way’s ‘quiet wimpy’ black hole is getting hungrier and brighter
Spotify is doubling down on its tools for music artists — but it’s not saying how much it cost
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