Be a good HR manager with just these simple tips

Be a good HR manager with just these simple tips
An HR department is the backbone of an organisation. Hence, the kind of HR managers becomes crucial in an organisation. If you are wondering how to crack the code, then stop worrying. We tell you some basic characteristics that will make you life simpler and help you be a good HR manager.


Empathy is a great virtue. And a HR professional must possess it. Try to empathize with the employee’s issue and understand his position. Figure out what is the issue and try resolving it. Who knows, he may have pointed out a problem which may become a major crisis, if timely attention is not paid.
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Be unbiased

This is what should follow when an employee shares his issues at work with you. Once you hear him out, do not jump onto conclusions. It may happen that the person, he has complained about, is your friend. Do not be practice favouritism towards your friend and judge the complainant. Understand his position and try resolving it.For instance, if an HR manager doesn’t like an employee and someone else comes and complains about him, do not see this as a validation for his dislike. Instead probe and find out more about the situation.

Be trustworthy

Always remember, trust is a treasured quality and should be practiced religiously. As an HR professional, it becomes even more important to win the trust of the employees. When an employee comes and confides his problems in you, ensure that you keep it a secret. It would be unethical for a HR manager to ‘gossip’ about it with ten other people or passing it on to the person against whom the complained has been made.

Understand the business

An HR manager is of no value if he doesn’t understand the business he is supporting. Try and understand what the challenges are of the business you are working for. Lack of understanding of business will alienate you from the employees as you are not in a position to understand their problems.

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