Jio laptop inches closer to launch, could be powered by Windows 10 and an ARM processor

Jio laptop inches closer to launch, could be powered by Windows 10 and an ARM processor
Reliance Jio could soon be expanding its hardware ecosystemReliance
  • India’s leading telecom player could have a new member in its hardware ecosystem soon – the JioBook, a Windows 10-powered laptop.
  • The rumoured Jio laptop has received hardware approval, according to a new report.
  • Previously, reports have suggested that Jio could also launch a tablet and smart TV.
The JioBook could be closer to launch than earlier expected after a new report emerged stating that Reliance Jio’s first laptop has received hardware approval.

According to a new report, JioBook’s hardware approval reveals that the laptop will be powered by Windows 10 out of the box. The listing also mentions that it is powered by an ARM processor, which means the Jio laptop could be an affordable offering. This would make sense if the telecom provider’s JioPhone strategy is anything to go by.

The listing mentions a Chinese company named Emdoor Digital Technology, which makes ARM-powered Windows laptops. Jio will rebadge it as the JioBook when it is launched in India.

Jio’s hardware ecosystem could be expanding soon

Apart from the laptop, the Mukesh Ambani-led Jio could also foray into the tablet and smart TV segments, although the details in this regard are a little hazy right now.


In a previous report from November last year, the Jio hardware ecosystem could include a tablet and a smart TV too, but more details in this regard are not available right now.

The rumour mill suggests that the Jio tablet and Jio TV could sport affordable price tags, mirroring the JioPhone strategy employed by the telco. This would allow Jio to target a much wider audience, especially at a time when affordable phones and tablets have become commonplace due to an increased need to study from home.

While the Jio tablet could run PragatiOS – an Android-based operating system developed by Google and Reliance Jio – tailored for tablets, the Jio TV could offer access to popular over-the-top apps which are also available on the set-top box it sells to its broadband subscribers.

The overall strategy seems to be a connected ecosystem of hardware and services, including Jio 4G, JioFiber, JioPhone and likely soon, the Jio laptop, tablet and TV – with the Jio network connecting all of them together.

It remains to be seen if this is what Reliance Jio is aiming for, and how this materialises over the course of 2022.


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