Australia emerges as the hottest employment destination for Indian graduates seeking overseas jobs

  • Over 70 students at the SP Jain School of Global Management received job offers from Australia.
  • The average starting salaries stood at ₹27 lakh.
  • Other top overseas job locations include the US, UAE, Singapore, Japan and Germany among others.
Australia has been luring Indian students with attractive pay packets and job offers.

Of the cohort of 140 undergraduate BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) students at SP Jain School of Global Management — which is on the Forbes list of top 20 international business schools — more than 70 secured jobs in Australia with average starting salaries of ₹27 lakh (AUD 55,000), as per the institute’s official release.

“It comes as no surprise to us that a majority of students have chosen to start their careers in Australia. After completing the program, SP Jain students are entitled to a 2-year unrestricted Post Study Work Rights Visa and many of them take up this opportunity,” said Richard Coller, Director of Professional Readiness at S P Jain’s Sydney campus.

Other top overseas job locations include the US, UAE, Singapore, Japan and Germany among others.

Most of the offers came from Deloitte, Bank of Queensland, Mediacom, Mindshare and Schneider Electric. The top sectors of employment include sales & marketing, finance and operations.

Unlike other university degrees, SP Jain Global offers a four-year BBA programme. Students study in Singapore or Mumbai for the first Year followed by Dubai and Sydney.

“Our students have had the unique advantage of studying in not one, but a minimum of three global cities – Singapore, Dubai and Sydney. At each location, they have had opportunities to pursue projects, out-of-class activities and internships that have made them very relevant and attractive to leading companies in Australia and around the world,” Coller added.

It recently received the highest salary package ever at ₹45 lakh per annum for a student of its global MBA programme.

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