These are the top 5-in-demand jobs and skills right now, according to LinkedIn

Nick Morrison
  • Hiring in India has seen a significant increase in June as businesses started unlocking after being physically closed for almost three months.
  • The top five in-demand jobs are software engineers, business development managers, sales managers, business analysts, and content writers.
  • While the top five in-demand skills are JavaScript, SQL, Sales Management, team leadership, and recruiting, said LinkedIn.

Hiring in India has seen a significant increase in June as businesses started unlocking after being physically closed for almost three months, a LinkedIn report said.

“Between early-April to end-June, hiring increased by 35 percentage points: In India, hiring declines reached a low of below -50% year-on-year in April, before starting to slowly recover. The hiring sentiment stands at -15% year-on-year as of the end of June.

The report also added that economic uncertainty might slow down the hiring process again sometime in the future. Hence, it is necessary to identify top jobs and skills that can provide job seekers with a viable option and pay a stable wage.

According to LinkedIn, the top 5 in-demand jobs are Software Engineer, Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Business Analyst, and Content Writer.

It also said, the demand for tech talent — as well as strategic, analytical, and thinking skills — was on the rise, right after the pandemic began. Further, it revealed the top 5-in-demand skills for job seekers in 2020. These skills are the most sought after and can be used to improve your resume

  • JavaScript - JavaScript is among the most popular programming language used by web developers and software engineers to create interactive websites. JavaScript can be a crucial skill for web developers eyeing top positions at tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.
  • SQL - Structured Query Language is used to access and manipulate databases. It is crucial for database professionals who are interested in web development and administration. Data analysts, data scientists, Big Data Engineers, and marketing specialists should learn SQL.
  • Sales Management - Sales Management is a skill that focuses on the management of the sales operations of a company or a firm. Sales managers need to learn these skills to lead their teams effectively.
  • Team Leadership - Team Leadership is a skill that is not confined to one profession or a field. It means efficiently leading a team to achieve a common organisational goal. A lot of companies, including Hike, McKenzie are hiring for top management positions, and having this skill can be a plus for interested candidates.
  • Recruiting - Recruiting is one of the most important skills for those in human resources as they have to identify, interview, and hire the right candidates.


Apart from this, tech skills such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and analytical reasoning will continue to be in demand. Separately, the current situation demands soft skills “such as adaptability, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and creativity”, LinkedIn told Business Insider.

The findings showed that competition for jobs has doubled compared to six months ago, with the average number of applications per job posted on LinkedIn increasing from around 90 in January to 180 in June.

Compared to the pre-COVID period, job seekers who are currently in the affected sectors — such as recreation and travel — are 6.8 times more likely to look for jobs in different sectors, compared to pre-COVID times.



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