India’s second lunar mission pegged to launch in July

India’s second lunar mission pegged to launch in July
The launch of Chandrayaan 1, India's first mission to the moon, aboard the PSLV-C11 on October 22, 2008ISRO

  • After numerous cancellations India’s second mission to the Moon, Chandrayaan-2, is scheduled for July, this year
  • If the satellite is successfully launched as scheduled, Chandrayaan-2 will reach the Moon by September 6.
  • The Chandrayaan-2 mission consists of three modules — the Orbiter, the Lander and the Rover.
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is pegging the launch of its second lunar mission, Chandrayaan-2, between July 9 and July 19 after having cancelled the mission four times in the past.

Should the satellite successfully take off within that window, it will land on the Moon around September 6 — roughly two months after its launch from Earth.

After launch into earth bound orbit by GSLV MK-2I, the integrated module will reach the Moon orbit using Orbiter propulsion module.

ISRO statement

After taking off from Earth, on board the GSLV Mk 2I launcher, a Lander — named Vikram — on board Chandrayaan-2 will make a soft landing on the Moon’s surface.

Subsequently, Lander will separate from the Orbiter and soft land at the predetermined site close to lunar South Pole. Further, the Rover will roll out for carrying out scientific experiments on the lunar surface.

ISRO statement

Vikram was actually one of the reasons behind the latest delay of the India’s second lunar mission. Its legs underwent exertion during a during a ‘Lander Drop Test’ making the team consider strengthening them to compensate for the addition 600kg put on to stabilize the satellite.

When the Chandrayaan-2 was last delayed after it missed the planned January-February window, K. Sivan — ISRO Chairman — said that the launch would take place April-end orJune, at the latest.

Come May, the latest update is that Chandrayaan-2 will finally take to the Moon in July provided there aren’t anymore ‘technical glitches’ or ‘missed windows’.

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