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Bank holidays in April 2023

Bank holidays in April 2023
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April experiences a spell of summer throughout the subcontinent. Schools and colleges close from mid-April through May. With the close of the accounting year 2022-23 by March 31, April 1, 2023 will see the start of the new accounting year. Therefore, banks have a hectic month settling last year’s accounts and beginning the new fiscal year’s accounts.

In April, many individuals and businesses open new bank accounts or start fresh financial operations due to the advantage of starting afresh during the new accounting year. Therefore, it is important to know bank holidays for the month so that financial planning can be done well without any disruptions and disappointments.

Bank holidays in April 2023 is a very important topic eagerly searched online to assist in financial planning. Most banking functions can be done now online without having to visit the banks physically. However, quite a few important banking functions may need you to visit the banks. Here is the full list of bank holidays in India for the month of April 2023.

Banks provide a long list of services such as savings accounts for individuals, current accounts for corporate entities and NGOs, safety lockers, loans, fixed deposits, term deposits, recurring deposits and others.

The two types of banks in India – namely public sector banks and private sector banks come under the umbrella of the Reserve Bank of India. Reserve Bank of India issues the guidelines for all the banks in the country with regard to policies, interest rates, holidays, service fees, service protocol guidelines and others.

In India, banks do not work on Sundays. In addition to this, the second and fourth Saturdays of a month are bank holidays. The other holidays for banks include national holidays and state holidays. In April 2023, there are quite a number of holidays other than the weekends. The list of bank holidays in April 2023 below lists the holidays for banks in the country. Consult your state gazette to verify the state specific holidays.