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How to check Vodafone Internet data balance

How to check Vodafone Internet data balance
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Vodafone is the widest network operator in India with the largest number of subscribers to its services. The network provider has given a number of easy methods for its customers to check the main balance and data balance information on their Vodafone numbers.

When you want to know how much data you have used and how much of data is left on your Vodafone number, you need not fret. Here are the easy ways to know Vodafone data balance on your prepaid Vodafone mobile network connection. The short USSD codes let you check the Vodafone 2G data balance, Vodafone 3G data balance and Vodafone 4G data balance.

Vodafone USSD codes to check GPRS Internet Data Balance

From your Vodafone number, dial *111*2*2# to know your internet balance or send an SMS “Data Bal” to 144 and both these methods give you Vodafone data balance information instantly.

If you face any network problem while trying to find out the Vodafone balance information via USSD codes, you can send n SMS from your Vodafone number typing DATA<space>BAL to 144 from your Vodafone number. After this, you will get an SMS from Vodafone informing you the data balance remaining on your Vodafone number.

Vodafone App

You can also check the Vodafone usage balance and validity by downloading the Vodafone App on your smartphone. Once you have downloaded and installed the Vodafone App on your phone, you can sign in to find out the data balance and the different pieces of information about your Vodafone account.

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