Unemployment in India is so bad that over 150 MBAs and engineering graduates applied for a handful of sanitation jobs

  • A recent advertisement by Tamil Nadu government found that a large chunk of applications came from engineering graduates, MBAs and Diploma holders for the post of ‘sanitary workers.’
  • Of the total 4,607 applications for 14 job posts in Tamil Nadu Assembly Secretariat, more than 150 applicants were over-qualified.
  • The 14 vacancies offered employees a fixed salary of ₹17,000.
As the Indian government faces one of the worst job crises in the country, a recent job advertisement for sanitation workers in the state of Tamil Nadu painted an especially grim picture.

A recent advertisement for 14 job posts for sanitation workers put out by the Tamil Nadu Assembly Secretariat received a large chunk of applications from engineering graduates, MBAs and Diploma holders, according to media reports.

Of the total 4,607 applications, more than 150 applicants were highly qualified, with 66 applications from engineering graduates. These posts were open to candidates from general as well as reserved categories, and offered a fixed salary of ₹17,000.

The jobs also prioritized physical fitness for eligibility. However, there were no mandatory educational qualifications cited.

The advertisement is of concern as it shows the job security offered by government jobs in India trumps other opportunities, even if the positions are unskilled, reported Times of India citing a senior official from the secretariat.

Last week, a leaked report by India’s NSSO showed that that India witnessed it highest unemployment rate in 45 years at 6.1% for 2017-18, reflecting a serious job crisis, and a mismatch of qualified talent and available employment opportunities.

Last year, Indian Railways recorded 2.66 lakh vacant jobs, shows an Right To Information (RTI) query cited in a latest report. While the latest recruitment drive will reportedly hire less than half of the already existing vacancies. Over 25 million people applied for 90,000 vacant posts in March last year, according to the report.

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