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Here Is the difference between lockdown and curfew

Here Is the difference between lockdown and curfew
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  • The number of Coronavirus infections and deaths have come down to single digits in China after the country’s severe measures to control the pandemic.

  • Countries are leaning from China’s model to combat the spread of the deadly virus. Across the globe, state and local authorities are ordering for curfews and lockdowns both partial and full.

  • Here are the differences between a curfew and lockdown you will need to know to gauge the situations rightly and give your bit to the coronavirus quarantine measures.
After it was first discovered in China, the new Coronavirus is exploding fast across geographies infecting a large populace and killing several thousands. State and local governments across the world are curtailing the activities and movements of people in order to stop the spread of coronavirus. During a quarantine measure like curfew or lockdown, the guidelines issued vary from state to state and the legal definitions of these two terms also vary. While a curfew and lockdown will appear similar to each other, they are actually not the same.

What is a curfew

Depending on the laws of a state, a curfew can mean keeping the people off the streets and public places to address an emergency situation. A curfew is a strict mandate that will require all citizens to stay indoors during the set hours stated in the announcement. Any violations will be met with a fine or arrest.

What is a lockdown

Lockdown is the most popular version of a quarantine measure implemented by the authorities during an emergency situation like coronavirus pandemic. A lockdown usually means a bigger restriction measure when you will require a certificate to leave your home for any reason. In some countries, you will need a certificate to travel around. The country going for lockdown will have several checkpoints through the regions where lockdown is announced in order to see that the residents comply with the measure.

Essential activities

Even during the implementation of restrictions like curfew and lockdown, people are allowed to perform essential activities like picking up groceries and medical supplies, going to doctor and going on a walk provided you are following social distancing. If you work for an essential service, you will not be covered under restrictions. However, you must check this with the local authorities to know if your movement is permitted on the grounds you wish to move about.

Non-essential activities

If your movement is not connected with the health and safety of you or your family, your community or your housemates, it will be deemed non-essential. This will also include going to the gym, pub and movies.

What to know about the restrictive measures

A curfew and lockdown will see the closure of non-essential businesses and venues, school and college closures, and restrictions on transportation and movements during the period of emergency. The various quarantine measures can help the authorities to curb the severity of the outbreak and protect the residents. Hence, though the restrictions can be crippling in several ways, the best cooperation of the public can help fight the pandemic in a more inclusive and effective way.

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