Indians are willing to give up 10% of salary for job security

Indians are willing to give up 10% of salary for job security

  • As unemployment crisis deepens in India, more working professionals seek job security from their employers.
  • As much as 52% of the workforce is willing to forfeit over 10% of their salary, to have job security, according to a Randstad report.
  • According to the findings from Universum India Talent Survey 2019, work-life balance and international exposure have been key factors driving Indian professionals to land a job.
Indian professionals are looking for job security now more than ever, as the job crisis in the country looms large.

Over half which is 52% of the working population is willing to forfeit over 10% of their salary to have job security, according to a report titled “Randstad Employer Brand Research(REBR) 2019” by Randstad India.

Indians are willing to give up 10% of salary for job security

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Salary and employee benefits remain top concerns of the workforce.

Job security is also the key to employee retention. Nearly 45% of respondents said that job security is a key aspect while deciding whether to stay on with their current employer. Also, female employees attributed more importance to healthy work-life balance, as compared to their male counterparts.


Of late, Indian employees are prioritising work-life balance, international exposure and job security while considering a job, according to the findings of Universum India Talent Survey 2019.

This comes in the back of another report that revealed that more of India’s educated millenials are transitioning from private sector to government job prospects, for the sake of job security and dignity.

“The emergence of career progression as a key ‘stay or leave’ attribute is testament to the fact that even in a digital first world, employees would prefer to work for a company that offers a clear pathway of growth,” said Paul Dupuis, MD & CEO Randstad India.

In general, nearly 23% of employees in India are open to a security versus compensation trade-off.

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