Stanford study ranks Indians amongst world's laziest walkers

If you thought that picking up a car to go somewhere you could have easily walked isn’t doing you any good, think again!

As per a study conducted over 46 countries, India is amongst the laziest countries in the world with a ranking of 39; on an average, Indians take just 4,297 steps in a day.

The study published in the Nature journal was conducted by Stanford University researchers, who used step-counters installed in the smartphones of about 700,000 people in 46 countries around the world.

The top spot has been grabbed by the Chinese, particularly those living in Hong Kong, who averaged 6,880 steps a day. On the other hand, the laziest nation came out to be Indonesia, where people averaged just 3,513 steps a day.

Other countries at the bottom are Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, with people walking less than 3,900 steps per day.


As per the data, Indian women walk even lesser than their male counterparts with barely 3,684 steps in a day against men’s 4,606 daily steps.