India’s government is reportedly planning a jobs growth plan dedicated to humanities graduates

India’s government is reportedly planning a jobs growth plan dedicated to humanities graduates
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  • The Indian government is reportedly planning to start an ‘apprenticeship’ program to help graduates from humanities and non-technical courses.
  • Beginning in 2019, the program will help train undergraduates and help improve their ‘employability.’
  • The apprenticeship will be a six to ten months program including stipends.
Amid rising unemployment concerns, the Indian government is planning to start an ‘apprenticeship’ program to help college students studying humanities and non-technical subjects get jobs, Economic Times reported.

Under the program, each apprenticeship will span six to ten months, providing on-the-job training both at public or private companies. It will also provide stipends of varying amounts, according to the ET report. The stipends will be sponsored from the ₹100 billion deposit under the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme. The government plans to contribute 25% towards of that amount.

All graduates in the final year of their study across both public and private institutions will be eligible for training under the program. The move is a joint effort of three major ministries in India — human resource development, labour and skill development.

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Overall, the program hopes to cover over one million students in the upcoming academic session (2019-20), helping improve their employability skills. The details of the apprenticeship candidates and employment status will reportedly be posted on the government’s skills portal.

In India, technology graduates seem to have an upper hand when it comes to landing jobs compared to graduates of non-technical subjects. This program hopes to correct that gap.


Recently, the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy revealed the trends in India’s labour market, which recorded unemployment rate as 6.9% in October, 2018.

Skills development has been among the Indian government’s flagship schemes. However, a recent study, ‘ Young India and work’, revealed that nearly 70% of the country’s youth was unaware of the government’s skill programs.

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