ViewSonic TD2455 Review

ViewSonic TD2455 Review
  • The ViewSonic TD2455 is a premium monitor aimed at professionals, priced at ₹49,600
  • The 24-inch FHD monitor features specs that make it a suitable option for content creation.
  • The monitor is touch-enabled and promises to increase productivity for wide range of tasks.
Viewsonic recently launched the TD2455, a touch-enabled monitor aimed at productivity and content creation. Viewsonic is pitching this product to content creators because of its versatility and wide range of connectivity options. So does it do justice to its claims and is it the best option out there? I share my experience in this review.

Price & Availability
The TD2455 is priced at ₹49,600 is sold through Viewsonic’s official website and Amazon.

Design & Build
ViewSonic TD2455 Review
TD2455 Sports a solid build

Viewsonic TD2455 has a very minimalistic design approach. Available in a matte black color scheme, the monitor sports a sleek design. While the display unit is not a chunky monkey, the stand adds a substantial amount of weight to it. However, it shouldn’t bother users as monitors aren’t meant to move around like laptops and a sturdy stand gives it a firm balance.

Upfront the monitor features, a set of buttons that allows you to customize its settings. This includes quick switches for input modes and adjusting the contrast and brightness. There is another button dedicated to sleep timer mode. These physical buttons are tactile and feel robust, that being said, I do wish that they were marked signifying their function. Since it does get confusing when we are using them.


Connectivity options include an HDMI port and individual ports for DP IN and out. A USB Type-C port, an audio outport, and a USB upstream port. Placed on the back, these ports have a downward-facing orientation, it is a bit of a struggle to connect cables to them, but once inserted, it's a smooth sail.

Since the monitor does have a buffet of ports, it can support multiple screens for daisy-chaining. You can connect up to 4 desktops or 3 laptops with it. Considering a lot of people are still working from home, this option definitely adds a lot of value.

The stand provided with the monitor is of robust quality. It comes with a dual-hinge that lets you change its orientation easily. Since it's a snap-on design, a user does not have to worry about unmounting it using a screwdriver.

The added flexibility comes in handy especially when you are using the monitor on touch screen mode.
Another noteworthy design feature is VESA mount support. This means one can enjoy the flying desktop design if one wants to.

ViewSonic TD2455 Review
TD2455 saturate colors in some situations

The TD2455 features a 23.8-inch FHD display with very thin bezels. The panel supports 1920x1080 pixels resolution, which is decent for its price. Now, of course, it doesn’t perform like an OLED display by any means, but the output is respectable. The colors look vibrant and the monitor is able to retain great details of the feed. The feed is also not distorted if you are watching it from different angles, which is a big plus. I have used the TD2455 for multiple tasks, like casual content consumption, video editing, and gaming. So, my feedback will be around these 3 use cases.

Content Consumption -
This Viewsonic monitor falls shy of the perfect visual experience it could have provided. It’s not bad by any means, but streaming 4K content on it makes you realize what you are missing. While the retention of colors is fairly decent, the video resolutions tend to hold the laurels back for it.

The colors reproduced by the monitor can be saturated in some cases. This was an observation I made while watching Youtube. It was generally the blues that were troubling. This was a recurring issue, which went away and came back. Otherwise, the monitor is brightly lit. Black levels can be a bit underwhelming sometimes, especially around the corners.

Another heads-up here is for the speaker set-up. The TD2455 features a set of dual 2W speakers, which by themselves don’t do justice to the display. So I suggest using external audio set-ups while watching content.

Video Editing/Content Creation-
Now this section is where this monitor truly shines. Built specifically for content creation, the TD2455 lives by its promise. I have been editing with the TD2455 for about 10 days now, and the experience is wholesome. With a considerably larger screen, size, and detail retention, looking at my timeline was an easier task, which resulted in a better workflow. My outputs were faster which saved me time.
ViewSonic TD2455 Review
Touch response helps significantly while editing


Now, this is also a touch capacitive display, but the process for accessing that feature can be tiring. In order to interact with the screen, you have to connect it via USB A/B cable. Yes, it doesn’t seem like a herculean task, but that's another cable added to your set-up. Unfortunately, after this hassle, the experience is not very outstanding. The touch response of the monitor can be jarring at times, with delayed response times in some instances. Helping in this touch-based endeavor was the stylus provided by the brand, which made things even more complicated for me. Unlike the usual design, this stylus has a circular tip, which makes the interaction a bit finicky. The matte finish on the screen hinders the smooth gliding motion we usually experience on other touch displays.

All’s not bad with the touch screen though, sticking strictly to edits, the access to zoom in or out the timelines liberate you to move around easily.

A feature that is not usually found on monitors but I expected is an in-built webcam. So if you are a streamer or someone who is in virtual meetings all day, get an external webcam.

ViewSonic TD2455 Review
TD2455 is a suitable choice for casual gamers

This is not a gaming monitor, but I did hook up my PlayStation and PC with it. The results were just about okay. With a refresh rate of 60Hz, games like God of war and Arkham Knight felt snappy, and I was satisfied. However, with games like Counter-Strike where you need a higher refresh rate to keep up with all the action, this monitor lags behind. Simply put, if you are a casual gamer you will have no complaints, but if you compete professionally then you should look at other options.

ViewSonic TD2455 is a product that could have delivered more especially for the price it comes at. At ₹49,600, this is an expensive monitor given, you can buy products like LG 27UL650 4K monitor for under ₹40,000. Yes, you don’t necessarily get a touch screen on those, but that’s a rare feature and that implies it’s targeted at those who need it. There are very specific use cases of a touch screen on a monitor and it’s just fit for those.
If you happen to be a professional with a niche use case, then you can go for TD2455. Also note that if you watch out for the right deal, you might find it priced under ₹30,000 on Amazon and Flipkart.

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