Over 150,000 postgraduates in J&K come asking for jobs in just 15 days

Over 150,000 postgraduates in J&K come asking for jobs in just 15 days
Rakesh Nair, TOI BCCL


  • Jammu & Kashmir state government called unemployed professionals to register on District Employment and Counseling Centers.
  • As many as 150,000 educated youth — with post-graduate degree or more— registered on the database over a span of 15 days.
  • According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy(CMIE) data from 2017, Jammu and Kashmir was recorded with highest unemployment rate in India at 12.13%.
  • Government recorded 30,000 unemployed youth within two days of the initiative — with 20,000 from Kashmir alone.
Around 150,000 youngsters in Jammu & Kashmir are jobless. What is worse is that they are highly educated, holding post-graduate and doctoral degrees.

Job seekers rushed to register themselves after the state government asked unemployed professionals to register in District Employment and Counseling Centers.

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Within 15 days, the centers saw over 100,000 registrations. In fact, as many as 30,000 unemployed youth registered within two days. And, 20,000 registered from Kashmir alone.

The Directorate of Employment wants to collect data on those who hold postgraduate, M. Phil, and PhD degrees and yet unemployment. This will help them find a solution to the looming job crisis.


“It will help the government launch a comprehensive employment scheme for youth who are not suitably employed,” Saurabh Bhagat, Labour and Employment Department told a local daily Kashmir Reader.

The exercise can also help drive policy-level change. “The issue of educated but unemployed youth was raised by officials in recent meetings with Home Minister Amit Shah. He assured that some initiative for youth of J&K would be started,” Kashmir Reader reported citing government officials.

In 2017, the unemployment rate in the state was at 12.13%, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). In 2016, the unemployment rate in the state hit an extremely high rate of 24.6% amongst youth aged between 18 and 29.

Across the country, the unemployment rate stood at 7.91% in June this year, says CMIE. While the employment rate dropped further to 39.42%, shows the latest data by CMIE.

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