scorecardMy wife and I live in a 100-square-foot trailer. Our relationship has never been stronger.
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My wife and I live in a 100-square-foot trailer. Our relationship has never been stronger.

Kim Kelly Stamp   

My wife and I live in a 100-square-foot trailer. Our relationship has never been stronger.
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Kim Kelly Stamp lives in a trailer with her wife.    Kim Kelly Stamp
  • My wife and I moved into a 100-square-foot trailer in 2021.
  • In the mornings, we try to stay out of each other's way and prioritize our alone time.

In 2021, my wife and I sold our 2,000-square-foot home in the Pacific Northwest and all our belongings. We bought a 100-square-foot RV and set out to live an unencumbered life of adventure and travel.

Living full time in close quarters with my wife certainly has its challenges. Privacy and storage space are both hard to come by, and simple things — like making coffee in the morning — have become complicated in a small trailer. But we've learned to value one another's needs and prioritize our alone time, becoming stronger partners.

We initially wanted to live in a camper van, but they were too small for us

We wanted to buy a Sprinter Model van and have it converted into a tiny house, but our dream came to a screeching halt the second time we rented one for a weekend. We quickly realized we needed a bit more space to be comfortable.

We never pictured owning a trailer because it seemed much less cool than traveling around in a sleek Sprinter. But, once we decided against a converted van, we began our search for a travel trailer and fell in love with our 21-foot Little Guy Max teardrop trailer. The solid-maple cabinets, queen-sized bed, and front lounging area make the interior feel more like a home. And because we were towing newbies, we carefully selected a smaller-length trailer and a beefy Dodge Ram pickup.

The trailer the couple lives in full time.
The trailer the couple lives in full time.      Kim Kelly Stamp

Navigating life in a little more than 100 square feet takes creative strategizing – especially in the mornings

My wife and I thought about how to utilize our space optimally for both of us, especially during our morning routines. My wife uses a daily gratitude journal, so she writes in bed while I make my morning espresso, and then she completes her morning yoga routine outside.

This simple practice has kept us from bumping into each other at the start of our day. And when my partner heads outside for yoga, it gives me the solitude I enjoy while sipping on my espresso. While we've become adept at moving around the trailer, sometimes we need a break from each other.

Our biggest challenge has been creating solitude in a small space

As a writer, I crave the serenity of being hunkered down inside, writing alone and without distraction. On the other hand, my wife's desire to be outside in nature is wired in her. This difference allows us to do what we love apart from one another. This helps create a sense of solitude for both of us.

the bed inside of kim kelly stamp
The bedroom inside the trailer.      Kim Kelly Stamp

I treasure when my wife hits a hiking trail or goes backpacking for a few days. I can picture her happily walking in the woods while I write in the comfort of our little trailer.

It's been essential for us to practice good communication and to share our needs honestly. We've been living in our camper for 18 months at this point, and we can each now sense when one of us needs time alone.

We found our relationship has never been stronger since living in our trailer

The constant state of togetherness can draw couples closer or drive them apart. Luckily, we found that this lifestyle brings us closer. We prioritize date nights and are constantly asking each other questions that spark new discoveries and promote intimacy.

Living in a tiny rolling home allows us to know one another better and communicate more fluidly as we face daily challenges. We've learned to move in tandem and to separate while still staying in sync. We are dancing a beautiful dance together as we live out our little adventure.