What's ahead for COVID-19 drugs and vaccines in 2021

What's ahead for COVID-19 drugs and vaccines in 2021
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What's next for vaccines and treatments

Following Pfizer's vaccine approval, there's still more to come as drugmakers look to get vaccines as well as COVID-19 treatments into more people.


Andrew Dunn rounded up 10 newsworthy moments to keep an eye out for in the remainder of 2021.

They include updates on new antiviral treatments as well as when we might get shots authorized for kids 12 and under.

Here's what to expect>>

Vaccines for kids, game-changing treatments, and the fate of booster shots: Here are the top 10 COVID-19 events to watch for in 2021

What's ahead for COVID-19 drugs and vaccines in 2021
MIT’s entrepreneurship minor is designed as an interdisciplinary program. Glowimages

Top biotechs on either coast

Investors this summer picked out biotechs they think are set to take off in the next year.

For those closely following the biotech industry, it may come as no surprise to find that a good number of the companies are based in one of two places: the Bay Area or the Boston area.

Andrew and Allison DeAngelis have the bicoastal lists up this week.


Check it out>>

6 of the top Boston-area biotech upstarts that VCs say are poised to take off in the next 12 months

9 top Bay Area biotechs that VCs say are poised to take off in the next year

Inside the One Medical-Iora deal

The $1.4 billion One Medical-Iora deal closed on Wednesday.

Mohana Ravindranath spoke to the leaders of the two (now one) companies to learn more about the decision to combine the primary care organizations.

The thinking: One Medical wants to treat people when they're young, but also when they age into Medicare at 65.

"If we're going to try to attract you, how about your parents or your grandparents? Or if you have kids, your kids. We're speaking across a common brand, and ultimately across common technology platforms," One Medical CEO Amir Rubin told us.


Read more from the interview>>

One Medical is making a $1.4 billion bet on eldercare pioneer Iora. CEO Amir Rubin tells us why.

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