Here are some free AI-powered apps and tools to try right now

Here are some free AI-powered apps and tools to try right now
  • Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are some best examples of AI-powered applications.
  • ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, is the latest AI tool that redefine the use of AI.
  • Below, check out AI-powered websites and apps.
Artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI, is almost everywhere in the modern world. Services such as ChatGPT to how Google Photos erases the background in a photo are some best examples of the use of AI.

With the advancement of AI in electronic products such as speakers, TVs, and more, humans can interact and get work done and answer queries in no time. On top of that, AI with a massive dataset can automate a process without requiring human intervention.

Some of the best examples of AI-powered applications are Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. However, in this listicle, we have not included these apps. Instead, it has websites and apps that are not as popular as Siri and Alexa but still add a lot of value daily.

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Let’s look at some best AI-powered apps and websites that will change how you view AI.


The FaceApp is a free-to-download photo editing app available on Android and iOS platforms and is one of the best examples of what an AI-powered app can do.

FaceApp is not a regular photo editing application, it can change facial characteristics and make you old from young and even change your hairstyle in just a few seconds. Other than these, the biggest trick of this application is that it can gender-swap that with just a click.

Talk To Books

This is an AI tool from Google. On this AI-powered website, you type in a query or statement in the search box, that discovers books related to that query.

The website also includes different samples on which you can click and find more than 1000+ books.

Magic Eraser

The Magic eraser is another great example of an AI-powered website. It allows you to remove any unwanted objects from your photo.

Simply, select the brush size and once you have selected it, just highlight what you want to remove. Once done, just click on the ‘erase.’ Once you are done, you can download the image.


Replika is a free-to-use AI-powered chat companion. When you sign up on Replika, you choose your AI friend and select between male, female and non-binary. Once you choose, give your name, click on finish, and start chatting with Replika.

Further, as you chat, you earn XP, and using that, you can go to the store and purchase accessories to personalize your AI Replika.

Also, you can choose different types of conversation, like fun, relaxing, and learning.

Replika can be accessed on a web browser and downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Elsa is an AI-powered language-learning application that analyzes speech and then creates a set of user assignments.

Elsa is available for iOS and Android-powered devices.


This AI-powered app comes directly from Google. The Socratic app is great for students as it can help with math and science. You have to scan the equation or question using the Socratic app, and Google will use the AI to get an answer for you in just a few seconds. is an AI-powered web application that can generate human-like text in contextual conversation.

In, users can create characters, including their personalities, and publish them to the community for others to interact with. The best thing about this web-based application is that users can connect with a single character or organize group chat with multiple characters.

Point E

Point E allows users to generate a 3D object based on simple text input.

When you type in a text query, such as ‘red car,’ the text-to-image model will generate a 3D image. The results won’t be perfect but Point E is very fast when compared to other AI tools such as DreamFusion.

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