Cyber security breach involving military officers on WhatsApp uncovered — probe ordered

Cyber security breach involving military officers on WhatsApp uncovered — probe ordered
  • A cybersecurity breach by military officials has been unearthed on WhatsApp.
  • Multiple WhatsApp groups were breached according to officials.
  • In past, India has witnessed some major cyber security threats.
Intelligence agencies have discovered a cyber security breach by military officials. This activity is suspected to be linked with espionage-related activities by a neighbouring country.

Responding to ANI on cyber security breach defence sources said “the Military and Intelligence agencies have unearthed a cyber security breach by some military officials, which is likely to be linked to espionage-related activities by a neighbouring country". Defence sources also added that a breach has been reported on specific WhatsApp groups.

One the issue of action sources said, “an inquiry, which has been promptly ordered, is in progress. Acts of infringements to existing orders especially involving counterintelligence matters, by military officials, are dealt with strictest possible manner, as they are subject to Official Secrets Act.”

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According to sources, strict action will be taken against culprits who are found guilty in the ongoing investigations.

India is a developing country and the value of data and digital payments is growing dramatically. According to a Deloitte study, India will have around 1 billion smartphone users by 2026. These numbers are big, developing the need for cyber security.


India has witnessed a number of cyber-attacks in the past. Digital India and the digital payment push have created vulnerabilities. According to the Computer Emergency Response Team data, India witnessed a three-fold increase in cybersecurity-related incidents in 2020 compared to 2019, recording 1.16 million breaches.

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