scorecardInstagram's new quiet mode is here to help you take a break from the buzz – here's how to use it
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Instagram's new quiet mode is here to help you take a break from the buzz – here's how to use it

Instagram's new quiet mode is here to help you take a break from the buzz – here's how to use it
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  • Instagram introduces control features to make users more focused and customize their feeds with the content they like.
  • Along with these features, Instagram also updated its parental supervision tools.
  • Check out the post below to learn more about the features and know how to use them.
Instagram announced three control features - 'Quiet Mode' to pause notifications, 'Hidden words to the recommendation', and 'Multi-select for Not interested' to filter content you don’t wish to see.

According to Instagram head Adam Mosseri, these features are introduced to help people, especially teens, manage their time and what they see on Instagram. Also, these features will help you shape your Instagram into an enjoyable experience.

In a blog post, Instagram says that it will prompt teens to enable Quiet mode when they spend a specific amount of time on Instagram late at night.

This feature can help focus on other things rather than surfing Instagram for long durations. Here is the list of features introduced and a step-wise guide on how to use them.

Quiet mode
This feature lets you pick a time from a day or the week when you do not want to get disturbed by the notifications. Enabling this mode, your profile's activity status will be changed, and an automated reply will be sent if someone messages you. This feature will make the app less distracting and help you reduce your screen time.
Also, Instagram ensures that you might not miss out on anything when you enable the quiet mode. After turning off the quiet mode, it will share a quick summary of notifications you missed.
Currently, users from the US, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have access to this mode, but Instagram hopes to bring it to more countries soon.
However, the feature seems to have started to roll in India because we can also access the pause all notifications feature.

How to enable Quick mode
  • Open Instagram and go to settings.
  • Click on notifications and tap on pause all to enable the quiet mode.
  • A box will prompt up with a heading saying, 'You won't receive push notifications, but you'll be able to see new notifications when you open Instagram'.
  • From the prompted box, you can select the duration for which you want to pause the notification.
Hidden words to recommendation
The ability to hide words already exists in Instagram but extending the hidden words to recommendations is a new addition to this feature.
Users can already hide comments or direct messages with the hidden words selected by the users. Users can now add words, emojis, or hashtags they want to avoid.
In the blog post, Instagram gave an example- if a person chooses ‘fitness’ or ‘recipes’ as the words they want to hide, then Instagram will no longer recommend any content with those words in the caption or the hashtag.

How to use this feature
  • Open Instagram and go to settings.
  • Open privacy settings and tap the 'hidden words' option.
  • Go to 'custom words for messages and comments' and add words, emojis or phrases of which you don't want any content to be visible on your feed.
Multi-select for Not interested
Users might not be aware of this feature, but choosing posts as ‘not interested’ already exists on the platform. Now with this new feature, users can multi-select the posts from the 'explore page' of their Instagram. This will help users hide multiple posts of unwanted content from the explore page.

How to use this feature-
  • Open your Instagram and tap the search icon from the options listed below.
  • Long press the post you want to remove and click on the 'Not Interested' option.
  • A pop-up will appear below saying, 'we'll recommend fewer posts like this in the future' with an option to hide more.
  • By clicking on the hide more option, users can now select multiple posts to hide.
Besides these features, Instagram also updated its parental supervision tools to support teens and provide more control to parents. Previously, parents had the control to set time limits, schedule breaks, be notified when teens share a report, and more. Now, parents will be able to see their child’s accounts blocked and privacy settings and even get notified when the child makes any changes to the settings.