Mario Kart Tour stumps Call of Duty and Fornite as the most downloaded game in the App Store

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  • Mario Kart Tour is the most downloaded game from the Apple App Store in 2019 despite launching during the second half of the year.
  • Call of Duty: Mobile, which was also launched later in 2019, came in fourth in Apple’s rankings.
  • Mario Kart Tour set a new record for the gaming industry — and for Nintendo — by hitting 90 million unique downloads within a week of its debut.
Apple’s top charts for the year show that Mario Kart Tour is the most downloaded free game from the App Store, despite launching in the second half of 2019. It beat out strong competitors like Call of Duty: Mobile, which came in fourth, and Fortnite, which was eighth.

Mario Kart Tour is the sixth game launched for smartphones by Nintendo. Within 24-hours of its debut, Mario Kart Tour saw 20 million unique downloads with player spending reaching $1 million across both iOS and Android. By the end of the week, it had 90 million downloads — a new record for the gaming industry.


Call of Duty: Mobile, which launched after Mario Kart Tour, beat that record by hitting 100 million downloads during the first week of its debut. An impressive feat considering that the game didn’t launch in China — one of the biggest gaming markets in the world.

Despite Call of Duty’s success, Mario Kart Tour is the more popular game in the App Store. It’s also Nintendo’s most popular game on smartphones.

Mario Kart Tour’s popularity pales in comparison to its parent company’s second most popular launch for mobile, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp — which only saw 14.3 million downloads in its first week.


Even within the Mario franchise, Super Mario Run barely touched 13 million downloads within the first seven days of its launch.

The only record that Mario Kart Tour wasn’t able to beat was Pokemon Go’s 163 million downloads in its debut month.

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