Snapchat+ comes to India with exclusive features — here's how much it costs and how to sign up

Snapchat+ comes to India with exclusive features — here's how much it costs and how to sign up
  • Snapchat's new subscription plan is available on iPhone and Android for just ₹49 in India.
  • Snapchat+ lets you change the app icon, see who rewatched your stories, and more.
  • Below, read about all the new features and how to get Snapchat+.
Photo sharing platform Snapchat has introduced its Snapchat+ subscription in India for just ₹49 per month. The paid service brings many exclusive features and prioritized support from the Snapchat team.
Initially, Snapchat launched its paid subscription service in 10 countries; now, India is the latest addition. Also, a Snapchat+ subscription in India is available for just ₹49, which is relatively cheap compared to Snapchat+ in the US, as it costs $3.99 per month (approx ₹317.81).
Keeping the pricing in mind, it looks like Snapchat wants to capitalize on its huge user base in India to grow its revenue. Recently, Snapchat suffered a nearly $10 billion loss, and its shares hit a new 52-week low. Also, according to a report, Snapchat is in the early stage of planning layoffs.

How to get Snapchat+

  • Open your Snapchat profile, and tap the setting icon on the screen’s top right corner.
  • Scroll down until you see Snapchat+.
  • Tap on Snapchat+, and you will see available plans.
  • Once you subscribe, a menu will appear explaining some features that Snapchat+ gives you.

Snapchat+ new features

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Snapchat+ comes to India with exclusive features — here's how much it costs and how to sign up

Custom App Icons

The Snapchat+ subscription allows users to change the Snapchat app icon on the iOS and Android home screen.

Snapchat+ Badge


With the plus subscription, users can show off special ‘Star’ designation to highlight subscriber status. This feature can be turned on and off from the setting.

Rewatch Indicator

When viewing who all have seen your story, you will see a new indicator highlighting how many people have rewatched your stories. However, you won’t be able to see specifically who is rewatching your story.

Best Friends Forever

With the new Snapchat+ subscription, users will get the ability to pin a friend to the top of the list.

Ghost Trails on Snap Map

With this feature, users can see the direction where friends have moved recently if they have agreed to share their location with you.
Further, Snapchat has also added a new friendship badge, ‘Solar System.’ This badge will appear on a friendship profile. These are initial features, but according to Snapchat, a new set of features are awaited in the coming weeks.
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