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OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone caught in another blast allegation

OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone caught in another blast allegation
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  • A new incident has been reported of the OnePlus Nord 2 exploding in India.
  • The explosion caused grave injury to the user according to images shared on Twitter.
  • OnePlus is in touch with the user, and is working on resolving the issue.
There have been a few isolated incidents of the OnePlus Nord 2 reportedly exploding in India. It seems like there’s a pattern now as another user has reported of a OnePlus Nord 2 explosion, and this time it gravely injured the person too.

This incident was shared on Twitter by Suhit Sharma from Dhule in Maharashtra. According to Sharma’s tweet and images shared, the OnePlus Nord 2 suffered a serious blast while inside the pocket of “a boy”. The phone looks completely damaged and burnt on the right side. The images also indicate that the phone was kept inside the pocket of the user’s jeans which also suffered some damages. We can also see one image of the user whose thigh is burnt due to the blast. This looks like the worst OnePlus Nord 2 explosion incident so far.

(Warning: Graphic images)

Sharma shared updates in the tweet thread saying that OnePlus has contacted him and the research and development (R&D) team is in touch to get this matter resolved. There’s no update though on whether the device was indeed faulty or if the explosion was caused by some external factor.

“We take such incidents seriously. Our team has already reached out to the user and we are in the process of collecting the details to investigate this further”, OnePlus India said in a statement.

This isn’t the first time that the OnePlus Nord 2 has been caught in explosion incidents. In September, a OnePlus Nord 2 user shared on Twitter about the phone’s Warp charger exploding while plugged into the socket. The company said it was due to a voltage fluctuation issue, and provided the user with a new charger.

There was another incident involving Delhi-based lawyer Guarav Gulati who claimed that his OnePlus Nord 2 exploded in his gown when he was sitting in his chamber. This incident took a different turn as OnePlus sent him a ‘cease and desist’ notice stating that he has been posting false information to harm the company’s reputation and that the explosion was due to external factors. The company also asked him to remove all tweets and any other information shared by him on social media, and not post such content any more.


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