Android 12 Beta 4 is here with minor tweaks and improvements

Android 12 Beta 4 is here with minor tweaks and improvements
Android 12 Beta 4 is now available for compatible devices.Google
  • Google has released the Android 12 Beta 4 that comes with minor visual changes and improvements.
  • This brings the stable release of Android 12 very close with only one more beta version remaining in the timeline.
  • Android 12 Beta 4 also brings the much-awaited Easter Egg.
Google has released the fourth beta version of Android 12 as the new OS upgrade nears its official launch. There is one more beta version to be released before Google makes Android 12 available to Pixel phones and other compatible devices. With Android 12 Beta 4, Google has reached platform stability which means that app and game developers can now test the final compatibility of their apps.

Android 12 Beta 4 doesn’t bring any major changes or features since those have already been introduced in the previous beta versions. But there are some minor tweaks and improvements so here’s a look at what’s new on Android 12 Beta 4.

Images highlighted in multitasking menu

Google has made it easier to share content from the Recents multitasking menu in Android 12. In the latest Android 12 Beta 4 version, images are highlighted in the multitasking menu, according to 9to5Google. You can tap on the image to access shortcuts for Google Lens, copy, share and save. You can also drag the image and pull it to the contacts bar below for quick sharing.
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More visual changes

Google introduced colour themes in Android 11 and it is making it better with Material you in Android 12. This redesign aims to give a more uniform look on the device with better colour coordination among app icons, and tools. For example, Material You uses the dominant and complementary colours from the device wallpaper and applies to the phone’s menus and apps. In Android 12 Beta 4, the Google logo also gets a Material You makeover with the four primary colours from the wallpaper. Themed icons are also available for more apps including Google Tasks.

Wi-Fi and mobile data pop-ups improved

In Android 12 Beta 4, Google has added simple toggle buttons to turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data. This is for the internet pop-up screen which has gone through some changes in the previous beta versions of Android 12. The new toggles in the latest beta version make it look cleaner.

Easter Egg

Google adds an Easter Egg with every Android version. The Android 12 Easter Egg is finally here in Beta 4. You can try it out by going to Settings > About Phone and then tapping on the Android version 12 which will open the Android Version page. Tap on the 12 three times and then you’ll see an image of the device wallpaper with the clock widget. Twist the time to 12 o’clock to see the page change to one covered with circles and the colours used are from the device wallpaper.


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