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Philips 7000-series hair straightener review: Modern, easy to use, and affordable

Philips 7000-series hair straightener review: Modern, easy to use, and affordable
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  • Philips launched its 7000 series straightener in India.
  • Designed with the Mineral iconic care and ThermoShield technology, it protects hair from heat damage and UV impact.
  • Priced at ₹8496, this straightener is a value-for-money option.
Philips is a household name when it comes to personal grooming and electronics. The company offers a vast portfolio of products for both men and women. Adding one more to the list, it recently launched a 7000-series new feature-packed hair straightener in India. While the price of the straightener is a bit higher than its competitors, its functionality and design are said to be slightly superior.

Having used other hair appliances from Philips, it is fair to say that this is among my top choices when investing in a hair straightener. It's been over two months of using this product; I can say that it offers a great experience in terms of functionality, design, and usage. My detailed review lets you find specifics like design, functionality, and ease of use.
Price and availability
The Philips 7000-series straightener is available for ₹8496. You can get this straightener from the Philips website and other e-commerce platforms like Nykaa and Myntra.
The lightweight design straightener makes it comfortable to use and hold for a long. It has 105 mm long plates that make straightening quick and easy. ThermoShield technology, ionic care, mineral ions, and argan oil-infused plates make this straightener a good choice at this price. Moreover, the control functions are easy to use.

Regarding temperature settings, the straightener features a control knob that lets you adjust the heating according to your requirement. As per the appliance's user manual, the standard temperature for different types are as follows:

Hair type

Temperature Range

Thick, coarse, curly, and hard to straighten

210°-230° Celsius

Normal, medium-textured or softly waved

180°-200° Celsius

Fine, pale, blonde, bleached or color treated

170° Celsius or below

The temperature scale on the body of the straightener lets you read the current temperature and adjust it as per your requirement. Also, it features an LED light that turns on for the selected temperature setting.

The straightener features a locking button placed at the bottom. This design feature makes carrying and storage convenient. It is a useful addition to the straightener, but sometimes I find it difficult to close it back.

Moving on to the quality, it has a sturdy build and offers a comfortable grip for convenient usage. One thing that one should remember while using this straightener is that to maintain safety, you must keep it on a heat-resistant surface.
Heating time
Let's start with the heating time. This appliance offers quick heating in only 30 seconds and seamlessly straightens your hair with less damage. When I used this product, it was ready to use in a few seconds only.
Heating plate
The ceramic argan oil-infused straightener plates offer a smooth gliding and effective and quick straightening. The ionic ions in the appliance prevent frizz and give a shiny and smooth look.

After using it multiple times, I can say that this straightener is a suitable option to give different hairstyles for different hair types without causing much damage.

Also, the ThermoShield technology in the straightener maintains uniform temperature from roots to the end, ensuring even straightening.
Cool tip
One thing that most of us would want in a hair care appliance is that it is easy to use without risk of damage. The heat-insulated material of the tip keeps the tip cool. This appliance from Philips lets you hold the tip of the straightener to ensure safety and convenient usage.
Storage type
The feature that makes storage easy is the storage hook. The straightener can be hung easily with the hook holder. Also, the straightener comes with a travel pouch with two compartments to help you carry it anywhere carefree. Providing the pouch is a great idea as it helps keep the straightener safe and improves portability.
Easy to use

After using the straightener I can surely say that it has an easy operation with easy controls. Also, the thing which I like about this product is its cord length. Its decent length allows easy movement, and a 360-degree swivel design ensures convenient usage from any direction.
Safety features
Paying this price with no safety features would be a waste of money. This Philips 7000 series straightener has covered it all; it has an automatic shut-off feature. Sometimes there is a probability that a person can leave the appliance switched on; it not only wastes electricity but can also increase the risk from the heat.

It also has a variable temperature range from 120°C to 230°C, making it easy to adjust and select the required temperature per your requirement. Different temperature options make it safe for the hair and cause less damage.
Equipped with various features and technology to offer smooth and hassle-free usage, this is one of the best straighteners to make different hairstyles.

The smooth plates let you style hair faster with smooth gliding. The ceramic floating plates adjust the pressure on the hair and offer even heat for better styling. The care controls frizz and gives shine with a smooth texture. One must remember that it produces a sound while being used.

This Philips straightener has more efficient features than other straighteners from brands like Vega, Inalsa, Nova, etc. It has a user-friendly and stylish design with a comfortable grip.

This straightener offers everything it promises. The technology, specifications, and features offer smooth and hassle-free usage. It is a useful appliance whether you want to straighten, curl, or even give waves to your hair.

However, we can't ignore that it is a bit costly for the pocket to spend. So if you are looking for a straightener with a reasonable price tag, this might not be your pick.

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