This US-based startup claims to have cracked the process of reverse aging

This US-based startup claims to have cracked the process of reverse aging
Image credits- Tally Health
  • Tally Health offers a platform to enhance longevity in humans by analyzing genetic modifications influenced by aging and lifestyle habits.
  • The service operates on a membership model and includes actionable strategies, interventions, recommendations, longevity coaching, and quarterly biological age tests.
  • Tally Health competes with similar platforms in the market, such as myDNAge from Zymo Research and Elysium Health's biological aging test.
Tally Health is a new startup that offers tests to determine consumers' ‘biological age,’ with the promise that age can be altered beyond just a number.

As a seasoned Harvard Medical School Professor and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research in the Genetics Department, Dr. David Sinclair, has spent his career researching the aging process and how it can be reversed using epigenetic modifications. Recently, he co-founded Tally Health, a biotech company with a mission to enhance health and prolong lifespan at the cellular level - the body’s fundamental building block.

Sinclair launched Tally Health, when many people were interested in looking younger. People are obsessed with using skincare products and trying different methods for removing wrinkles, such as lasers. They are also working very hard to stay fit and healthy to look younger for longer.

How does the Tally Health system work?

A client takes a small swab of their cheek which is then sent back to the company for analysis. Using a proprietary DNA analysis procedure, the company decodes genetic modifications influenced by aging and evaluates the client's lifestyle habits.

Based on the results, Tally Health creates a personalized strategy for the client that includes lifestyle recommendations supported by an interactive digital platform. This strategy also includes a supplement called Vitality, which contains ingredients sourced globally and is designed to enhance cellular defense mechanisms and slow the aging process. The combination of lifestyle recommendations and the Vitality supplement is aimed at reducing a person's biological age.


Tally Health operates on a membership model and offers actionable strategies for improving health span, interventions, recommendations, longevity coaching, and quarterly biological age tests. Due to its strong scientific background, the reputation of Sinclair, and the convenience of the at-home cheek swab analysis, the membership waitlist has exceeded 2,50,000 people.

Customers can access the service through a monthly subscription, allowing frequent testing. The subscription options include 3, 6, or 12 months, with pricing ranging from $199 to $129 monthly.

Since 2017, other similar platforms have been available in the market. For example, Zymo Research, located in Irvine, California, offers a $299 blood or urine test called myDNAge, which uses Horvath's biological aging clock. The company provides a personalized report on a customer's metabolic health, methylation activity, and potential risk for age-related diseases. Similarly, in 2019, Elysium Health, a supplement manufacturer based in New York City, launched a $299 biological aging test in partnership with Levine. Levine was recently recruited by Altos Lab, a $3 billion life-extension company in San Diego.

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