The lickable television concept developed in Japan will allow viewers to taste food right from the screen

The lickable television concept developed in Japan will allow viewers to taste food right from the screen
  • The lickable TV comes with a supposedly hygienic film that is laid over the screen on which flavours are sprayed.
  • The device is called “Taste the TV” and was developed by a Japanese professor.
  • According to the professor, the commercial version of the TV would be available for $875.
A professor in Japan has reportedly developed a lickable television screen that can provide the taste of food created using a carousel of flavourful canisters. According to a report in Reuters, the flavoured canisters are sprayed in various combinations to taste like dishes from across the world.

The device called Taste the TV (TTTV) comes with a film that is said to be hygienic. It is laid over the TV screen for the users to try the flavours.

The lickable television is developed by Meiji University professor Homei Miyashita who says that the television was built to help people experience food flavours from across the world while sitting in the comfort of their own home.

The professor who works with a team of 30 students has developed multiple flavour related products including a fork that is supposed to help make the food taste better. He has also offered technology firms to use his spraying technique and develop products that can make toasted bread taste like a slice of pizza or chocolate.

Apart from these, Homei Miyashita plans to develop a platform where users can download flavours and tastes of food from across the globe, just like they download music.


As for the TV, a student of the development team showcased to the reporters how the lickable TV will work. She first told the television that she wanted to taste sweet chocolate. After a few tries, the television responded and an automated voice repeated the order and the flavour was sprayed onto a plastic sheet. The student tasted it and claimed that it tasted something like milk chocolate and had a sweet taste of the chocolate sauce.

Applications of lickable TV

While this is just the prototype, this technology when commercially available can provide a unique sensory experience to its users. It can be used by culinary shows to teach students from across the world remotely.

Shows based on food and tasting games can use this technology to give users a sense of what the actual food may taste like.

According to the professor, a commercial version of the TV would be sold for $875 (approx. ₹65,500), but there is no confirmation on when this technology would be made available to users across the world including India.

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