US companies seize worldwide semiconductor trade with over thirteen times more market share than China

US companies seize worldwide semiconductor trade with over thirteen times more market share than China
  • The US had 54 percent of the total worldwide IC market in 2021.
  • China holds 4 percent of the global semiconductor market share.
  • Experts say that the United States is likely to hold the majority till 2025.
The United States captures the global IC market share with 54 percent in 2021. While the US holds the majority of shares, the rest of the share is split into south Asian countries consisting of South Korea having the second-highest 22 percent share followed by Taiwan, Japan and China. Except for the US and South-East Asian dominance, the European countries have a 6 percent share.

In comparison to the US holding lion's share, China has only 4 percent of the global semiconductor market share, as per IC Insights. Here’s what the list looks like-

Country/RegionMarket share in 2021 (as per, IC Insights)
United States54%
South Korea22%
European countries6%

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The South Korean companies have shown a weak presence and the Taiwanese and Chinese companies also had a low contribution. The US companies have shown a balanced growth in respective IDM, fabless, and total IC industry market share.

In 2021, the Japanese companies have seen a descent that first began in 1990. Japanese companies used to share almost half of the worldwide IC market share back in 1990. The European companies' market share decline is not steep as the Japanese companies.

As of 2021, we can assume that dominant players in the global semiconductor market will be Asia-Pacific and North America, as they have seen a growth of 4 percent in 1990 to 34 percent in 2021.

United States industry overview
The U.S exports semiconductors for $49 billion in 2020. Semiconductors constituted the largest share of U.S exports when compared to all electronic products.

In 2020, the United States held 47.2 percent of the total semiconductor market share, the highest of any country’s share in the industry. Other countries’ industries have between 5 percent and 20 percent global market share.

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