Using AI to impress someone this Valentine’s? Nearly 50% say they will be offended

Using AI to impress someone this Valentine’s? Nearly 50% say they will be offended
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  • AI will play a major role this Valentine’s as people plan on deploying AI tools to get the best greeting and letters.
  • As per a report, over 60% of Indians plan on using AI tools to express their feelings.
  • Nearly half of the people said they would not like to receive something written by a machine.
It's fast and it's furious. Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a part of our daily lives and it is just the start. Whether it comes to recommending movies or songs, answering questions through virtual assistants or automating tasks at home, the presence is undeniable. However, while many are taking to it like fish to water, many aren't convinced yet, at least when it comes to romance.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, people have found a new use for AI. People are now using AI tools to pen love letters or poems to win hearts quickly and relatively effortlessly. According to a report by McAfee, over 60% of Indians have said that they will use AI tools to express their feelings.

“With the rise in popularity of artificial intelligence, particularly tools such as ChatGPT that anybody with a web browser can access, the chances of receiving machine-generated information are on the rise,” said Steve Grobman, chief technology officer, McAfee.

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Indians at the forefront

While the global average for people planning on using AI tools to express their feelings is around 30%, it is much higher in India, with 62% of men and women stating that they plan on using the available tools.


The major reasons mentioned for this is that they would feel more confident with the output and that they don’t have enough time. Another reason offered is that they do not know what their partner wants to hear.

While 46% of the people said that they expect to get an AI-generated wish on Valentine's Day, a third of the people said that they probably wouldn’t be able to tell.

Not all aboard the AI train

While over 60% of the people plan on using AI this Valentine’s, almost half the surveyed men and women (49%) said they would be hurt or offended if they discovered what they’d received hadn’t been written by their partner but by a machine.

AI and catfishing – The big risk

Catfishing, for those unaware, is pretending to be someone you're not online, often using stolen photos and fake info to trick people into relationships, friendships, or scams.

According to the report, 51% of adults confessed to either being catfished or knowing someone who was catfished. The rising popularity of AI has made catfishing very difficult to spot.

Experts suggest exercising increased caution while talking to strangers, taking things slowly and not just depending on text chat to communicate. You should also avoid sending money and gifts to people you have not met in person.

“We know it’s easy to drop your guard when chatting to a potential partner but it’s important to be on alert if you’re asked to share potentially sensitive information about yourself. We don’t want to put people off finding a perfect match online, but it’s important that they only fall in love, not for a scam,” added Grobman.


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