WhatsApp users beware of this Father’s Day scam

WhatsApp users beware of this Father’s Day scam
  • Despite security updates on WhatsApp, scams are still a reason of concern for its users.
  • The Father's Day scam tricks people to steal personal information.
  • Let's check what the scam is and how it works.
WhatsApp is the most commonly used messaging service which offers regular security and feature updates to improve accessibility for its users. Despite all the security features and upgrades, WhatsApp scams are rapidly increasing in today's time. Cybercriminals look for the opportunity and try to steal your information by sending personal text messages and links.

As Father's day is approaching on June 19, Sunday, WhatsApp users are getting tricked into giving away their personal information and card credentials. The scammers always keep an eye on specific dates or events on which they can fool people and breach into their personal information. This time scammers are using contests as the medium to steal information. The scammers are sending messages that offer free beer if they win the 'Heineken Beer Father’s Day Contest 2022’.

How do the scammers trick you?
Giving free gifts or products is a common lure to attract and gain the attention of people. Scammers have started circulating messages about giving 5,000 Heineken coolers on winning the contest for this Father's Day.
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People are tricked to click on the contest link and are redirected to a phishing site. Not only this, but the scammers ask users to send the link to 20 more contacts through which they can steal information from as many people as they could.

Heineken has officially clarified on their Twitter handle that there is no contest running by them and people should be aware of this message as it is a scam. People should stay alert and not click on any suspicious links.

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