This live simulation of Cyclone Fani shows how dangerously close it is to India’s East coast

Cyclone Fani's movement as of 15:00pm IST on 2 May 2019.
  • As India is preparing to evacuate 800,000 people in eastern India, it seems that the movement of Cyclone Fani is visible on a free global map of wind.
  • The open-source tracking site for wind, weather and ocean Earth.nullschool is showing the live movement of Cyclone Fani.

A global website that tracks real-time movement of wind patterns has put out the movement of Cyclone Fani, which is set to make landfall in India on May 3.

Anyone with an internet connection can track and identify the wind patterns and speed in a particular area. Visit Earth.nullschool to see the speed, location and wind patterns of Cyclone Fani hovering near Odisha. The images give a clear idea of the threat and potential destruction coming along with the cyclone.

To watch the live video visit

The authorities have also been planning massive evacuation process ahead of the landfall of cyclonic storm 'Fani' in Odisha coast, even as Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Thursday appealed people not to panic over the cyclone

Nearly 800,000 people would be evacuated from low-lying coastal areas to safer places in the state. 'Fani' is likely to hit the state's coast in Puri district on Friday evening.

Cyclone 'Fani', which has turned into an "extreme severe cyclonic" storm, is located around 225 kms south-southeast of Visakhapatnam and around 430 kms south-southwest of Puri, said the India Meteorological Department.