Yes startups have slowed down, but you should still start your career there

Yes startups have slowed down, but you should still start your career there Even though the trend of startups is on the downhill, they are still the best place to start your career, say experts. In fact, after having faced cash crunch because of investors tightening their moneybags, startups are now all the way more careful in choosing their staff, making their hiring process suitable only for the best.

"Potential recruits are asking us the same questions as investors. The people who are applying now are much smarter," Mohit Gundecha, founder of talent assessment startup Jombay, told ET.

Even as startups have been on a firing spree in the recent past, there is still hope left for real talent. As per employment experts and startup veterans, the dark days of pink slips are just a phase, which would eventually help startups retain the best of their manpower.

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As per PwC’s Abhishek Goenka, the startup story is still going strong PwC is keeping an eye on the startups that are promising enough to enter the unicorn club in the future.


"We are betting big on startups and it makes sense for talent to join startups - it still looks good on your CV," Goenka said.

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Deep Kalra, CEO of MakeMyTrip group, gives his two cents: "Of course, jobseekers, while evaluating startups as potential workplaces, must evaluate the company, its values, financial situation etc., but this temporary phase must not deter them from deciding to work in a startup," he said.

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Another good thing that his sad phase has brought to the startups is that now, only those who are serious to make a career in startups are applying for jobs now, unlike earlier when it had almost became a trend to join startups.

While investors have in the past refused funding, they still have not lost all hopes when it comes to startups.

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Talking of the recent trend, while it’s true that there have been thousands of layoffs in the startup sector, it’s nothing in comparison to the millions of jobs that startups have created.

(Image Source: KnowStartup)