You’ll never feel too hot or too cold once this gets installed in your office

You’ll never feel too hot or too cold once this gets installed in your office

75F is an Internet of Things (IoT) hardware & software building automation product that makes office buildings more energy efficient, controlled, smart and comfortable.

75F has introduced 'Dynamic Air Flow Balancing' technology known as 'The Internet of Air' which uses cloud computing, for some known companies in India already.

Their systems work like this- They do a site survey of a building and check the air-quality for CO2 levels and they do a check for comfortable temperature. They check the air for 671 variables and ascertain your comfort according to aspects like gender, age and even day time!

Their fully automated systems give out reports to a company’s management to make changes in temperature, humidity, and airflow. This real-time tracking ensures that there are electricity savings and there is always an optimal temperature in the office.

Business Insider got into a conversation with Gaurav Burman, VP & Country President, India to find out how 75F is different from companies like Honeywell and Johnson controls,' We require minimal installation with our custom air-ducts and pretty much plug-and-play. We end up helping the company with 80% labor savings and 70% energy savings with our cloud-based solution.'


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The best part is that this system's custom air-ducts that adjust automatically throughout the day and ascertain which areas of the office are hotter than the others in terms of the sun position, proximity to the glass windows or doors etc.

This system also automatically turns on/off the cooling for a conference hall by tracking if the room is hot or crowded.

What this means is that whether you’re the only one in the office or if you’re in a room full of people feeling suffocated, this system can automatically adjust air-conditioning to suit your needs.

Simply a 50, 000 square feet office will typically be converted smartly for this in four days including installation after consultation.

This means that you and I who feel cold in the office and have to bring along a shawl in summers will no longer have to do that..soon.