scorecardSadhguru at Global Trends Festival 2020: Simplifying Sustainability
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Sadhguru at Global Trends Festival 2020: Simplifying Sustainability

Sadhguru at Global Trends Festival 2020: Simplifying Sustainability
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Sadhguru - Founder, Isha Foundation    Global Trends Festival
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Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic and a visionary who established Isha Foundation nearly 30 years ago, is one of India’s popular contemporary gurus. His appeal transcends age, race, religion, gender and ethnicity.

Sadhguru has an intimate involvement with nature and understanding of how human life is inextricably woven with the elements. This has guided many of Isha’s ecological initiatives. He launched Rally for Rivers (RfR) in 2017 to raise awareness about India’s dying rivers. It is currently implementing two on-ground river revitalization efforts ⁠— Cauvery Calling in the Cauvery river basin and Waghadi River Revitalization project in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra. The projects are designed to make them self-sustaining, scalable and replicable models for tropical regions globally.

Isha’s grassroots programme, Project GreenHands launched in 2004 has helped plant over 38 million trees across Tamil Nadu and has contributed to the state’s marginal increase in green cover. The ‘Save the Weave’ project aims to encourage the world to embrace conscious clothing choices and convert at least 50% of their wardrobe into natural fibers. Synthetic fiber is said to be one of the largest contaminants of soil and water resources on the planet.

“The planet is not in any kind of danger. It is only human life which is in danger. I hope we wake up to this fact and do what is needed. If humanity has to live for a long time, you have to think like the earth, act like the earth and be the earth, because that is what you are. I am always being asked by people, Why is a spiritual leader, a yogi, planting trees? Unfortunately, in human minds, we have compartmentalized our life in such a way that we are breaking up one and hoping that the other will live,” he says.

Sadhguru’s approach to ecological solutions involves raising human consciousness. He believes that humans must become conscious that their life and wellbeing are closely connected with the wellbeing of all other life forms on earth as told in his Conscious Planet initiative. According to him, ecological challenges appear complex but the solutions are simple which require determination and focus from the community.