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What happens when you sleep in your contact lenses

What happens when you sleep in your contact lenses
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You might have come across people who tell you with confidence that one can sleep in contacts as they get used to it. They claim that it is okay to do so. In reality, it is not. According to Dr Irina Belinsky, Eye Surgeon at NYU Langone Health, contact lenses are safe and defined to be more comfortable these days. But they are safe and comfortable to wear if you take care of them appropriately. To maintain good lenses hygiene, it is imperative to not sleep in, while wearing your contact lenses.

Contact Lenses are like a sponge in your eye.

No matter how natural they may feel, contact lenses are a foreign material in your eye. They are like a sponge that uses the moisture of your eye to remain comfortable. Not only do they absorb moisture from your eye, but they can also trap bacteria.

What Happens when you sleep with your contacts on?

When you sleep in with contacts, it can result in causing an eye infection. Though a lot of infections might be mild and go away with anti-bacterial eye-drops, some might be more severe. Even if they go away, the chances are that might cause scarring of the cornea. Such scars can also create a permanent effect on your vision. At times the infection can be so severe that one might have to opt for a corneal transplant or lose sight completely. Fortunately, blinding cases related to contact lenses are extremely rare and occurs when their hygiene is neglected.

To maintain good contact lens hygiene, you need to take care of a few things:

1. Know whether it’s time to change your contact lenses

2. Mark a reminder to do so every month or every two weeks (as per the instructions)

3. Try and stick to it

Over-wearing your contacts might not be a good idea

Over-wearing the contact lenses can make your cornea go devoid of oxygen (leading to a condition called neovascularization). Over time, the surface of the contact lenses tends to break down with micro-break edges, as well as dry out completely. When your contacts are completely dried out, your eyes don’t have enough moisture to hold them anymore.

Sometimes (quite rarely) the contact lenses might become folded and entrapped in the eye, underneath the lid. Such a situation can cause severe redness of the eye. It can happen if you put your contacts wrong if you don’t take them out or sleep in with them.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take off your contacts every day. That way, it’ll help you keep your eyes healthy and prevent you from discomfort.